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files.lst 26 bytes
this files listing
files.lzh 7669 bytes
555.lzh 2089 bytes
design circuits using the 555 timer.
800elect.txt 4292 bytes
800 number for various ham/swl/elect outlets.
a_filter.lzh 33473 bytes
calculate resistor/capacitor for op amp
abel.lzh 185279 bytes
ea visual aid for pal's from data i/o corp.
ac-calc.lbr 20864 bytes
written in turbo modula-2 and compiled
acircuit.lzh 20762 bytes
analog circuit analysis
adf.lzh 131796 bytes
demo of rml system's filter analysis program
amnoise.lzh 5676 bytes
methods of removing am noise from fm xmtrs
amp-calc.lzh 6420 bytes
from al katz... amplifier s-parameter analysis
amp3.lzh 97609 bytes
circuit analysis from microwave journal 5/87
ampdesgn.lzh 2757 bytes
from rf design 2/87, novack's computer aided
amplifie.lzh 3104 bytes
design a small sig. amp
analogp2.lzh 52576 bytes
analog resistance circuit program
anderson.lzh 28824 bytes
from eepd... jorgen anderson's feedback control
antdesgn.lzh 33587 bytes
Antenna design programs (basic)
ap-pll.lzh 2879 bytes
from eepd, a 3rd order pll program in basic.
astable.lzh 2968 bytes
design 555 circiuts
attn-ibm.lzh 1060 bytes
attenuator design from al katz
bairstow.lzh 14075 bytes
general science barstow method complex root finder
bdstools.lzh 24479 bytes
Broadcast engineers popup tools
bdstools.lzh 24479 bytes
broadcast data sys.- radio toolkit v1
bode.lzh 2623 bytes
Calculate frequency response plot,in pascal
bpf-b&b.lzh 22921 bytes
from rf design 3/86, a simple bp filter synth
cable2.lzh 801 bytes
fix your fuzzy cable channels
cabling.lzh 40903 bytes
Various cable/connectors layouts.
calc215.lzh 43745 bytes
Misc electronic calculation programs
cap-calc.lzh 1026 bytes
another al katz program.... calculates puff!
caprea.lzh 24290 bytes
capacitor/resistor design (basic)
caps.txt 14715 bytes
text about capacitors
cavity.lzh 16895 bytes
circuit analysis from microwaves and rf 11/86
ce_amp2.lzh 41522 bytes
circuit design
cedrusa.lzh 108381 bytes
timing diagram simulator demo 1 o 2
cedrusb.lzh 125932 bytes
timing diagram simulation demo 2 of 2.
ceiling3.lzh 47859 bytes
ceiling speaker coverage w/graphic
cheb.lzh 1908 bytes
calculate chebychev filter values
chebfil.lzh 34708 bytes
calculates response of chebyshev filters.
cheby.lzh 560075 bytes
Design highpass/lowpass/bandpass filters.
cheby11.lzh 46564 bytes
low, high & bandpass filter design
chebylp.lzh 3289 bytes
chebychev filters via lotus 1-2-3 (or compat)
cir_calc.lzh 21202 bytes
electricians circuit calculator
ciranl.lzh 7377 bytes
circuit analysis, r-l-c, from eepd with .pas
circuit.lzh 36973 bytes
AC circuit analysis(from cd)
circuit.lzh 36973 bytes
formulas for electronic design
circuits.lzh 3969 bytes
ohm's law tutorial
cirpice.lzh 305548 bytes
spice type program for circuit analasis
coaxattn.lzh 2363 bytes
find coaxial line attenuation.
coaximp.lzh 308 bytes
impedance determination
coil.lbr 4224 bytes
coil design program, exact solution
coils.lzh 3136 bytes
basic program for coils
comb.lzh 1760 bytes
comb bandpass filter in mbasic from al katz.
convshyz.lzh 28820 bytes
s. novacks's 5/85 rf design basic program for
d-stub.lzh 15555 bytes
from eepd and microwaves 7/86
david1.lzh 190415 bytes
collection of prog
david2.lzh 189268 bytes
" " "
david3.lzh 174359 bytes
" " "
david4.lzh 172208 bytes
" " "
daylite.lzh 17898 bytes
Calculate sunrise/sunset (in basic)
db-volts.lzh 447 bytes
voltage ratio to db in mbasic by katz.
dbm_volt.lzh 761 bytes
dbm to voltage conversion table
dcnet.lzh 15986 bytes
Linear DC design program
delp.lzh 4343 bytes
fast non-iterative multi-exponential fitting
design1.lzh 347211 bytes
electronic design
design2.lzh 334035 bytes
electronic design
design3.lzh 336166 bytes
electronic design
design4.lzh 328870 bytes
electronic design
design5.lzh 210298 bytes
electronic design
drcirc.sit 118784 bytes
circuit analysis for the mac.
drcirkit.cpt 58752 bytes
Circuit modelling program for Mac
dsg102.lzh 93696 bytes
CATV design program.
dsg102.lzh 93696 bytes
catv system design utility (coax)
ebs.lzh 11941 bytes
build you own voice digitizer
eca-2.lzh 140188 bytes
an analog filter analysis demo.
ecap111.lzh 80365 bytes
Another AC analyzer program.
ecd.lzh 25016 bytes
electronic circuit designer
ecd31.lzh 162056 bytes
Electronic circuit design program.
ee_calc.lzh 4017 bytes
good ee formulas in basic
eepd.lzh 4522 bytes
information on the ee pd library
eepd2.lzh 19837 bytes
various e e programs
eepdinfo.lzh 8032 bytes
list of files on the 17 ee disks
eepub01.lzh 136862 bytes
disk of elec eng rf programs
eepub03.lzh 108645 bytes
disk of elec eng rf programs
eepub04.lzh 75713 bytes
disk of elec eng rf programs
eepub05.lzh 152269 bytes
disk of elec eng rf programs
eepub07.lzh 196301 bytes
disk of elec eng rf programs
eepub08.lzh 163007 bytes
disk of elec eng rf programs
eepub09.lzh 151170 bytes
disk of elec eng rf programs
eepub10.lzh 106200 bytes
disk of elec eng rf programs
eepub11.lzh 135993 bytes
disk of elec eng rf programs
eepub12.lzh 157471 bytes
disk of elec eng rf programs
eepub15.lzh 140703 bytes
disk of elec eng rf programs
eepup2.lzh 19837 bytes
disk of elec eng rf programs
efilter.lzh 37827 bytes
great filter design prog-cga schematic
elcode1.lzh 100873 bytes
national uniform electrical code, 1 of 2
elcode2.lzh 204391 bytes
national uniform electrical code, 2 of 2
elecbas.lzh 21157 bytes
Misc electronic programs (basic)
elecform.lzh 42242 bytes
electronic formulas program
eleclern.lzh 49427 bytes
Teaching aid for elementry electronics.
elect2.lzh 42596 bytes
electrical engineering equations
electr.lzh 57760 bytes
calc voltage drop on ac lighting circuits
electrc2.lzh 42596 bytes
Electrical contractors calculator
electrc5.lzh 60292 bytes
Lighting protection calculator
electro.lzh 53474 bytes
electronic filter design
electron.lzh 134960 bytes
design transistor amp & other calculations
elfilt.lzh 27094 bytes
Eliptical filter design aid
elnecuti.lzh 24661 bytes
Automated wire table entry for ELNEC 2.22
enetwork.lzh 141408 bytes
Ladder network analysis program.
engprog.bas 718 bytes
electronics design and formulas
erpcalc.lzh 725 bytes
ERP calculator (in basic)
etronic2.lzh 13974 bytes
electronic tech calculator
etronics.lzh 5757 bytes
7 bas prog to help figure out ele.probl
ferrite.lzh 13190 bytes
finds mh/1000 for ferrite cores
feteng.lzh 130401 bytes
chart to choose correct fet
fets.lzh 130567 bytes
the 1986 siliconix fet databook
fft.lzh 30293 bytes
fast fourier transform pgm w/c source
fil-bpid.lzh 2888 bytes
n6gh's 1/85 hamradio basic bp filter design.
fildes.lzh 147341 bytes
a complete filter design package
filt.lzh 24558 bytes
filter program
filter.lzh 1061 bytes
active filter design program
filter1.bas 5346 bytes
electronics design and formulas
filter1.lzh 2245 bytes
a filter response program
filter11.lzh 38355 bytes
Various filter programs (nice)
filter20.lzh 215523 bytes
analog filter program for ms-dos.
filters.lzh 15573 bytes
info on filters along with examples
fir.bas 3840 bytes
finite impulse response digital filters
firfilt.lzh 86882 bytes
flc.bas 612 bytes
electronics design and formulas
fltdes15.lzh 37413 bytes
active filter desgin ver 1.5
fonefltr.lzh 18013 bytes
build a phone line noise filter
fourier.lzh 2120 bytes
a pair of fourier analysis programs
freqresp.lzh 58269 bytes
freq response analyzer (req. 8087)
fsk.lzh 1215 bytes
computes spectrum of fsk signals
gaf.lzh 4293 bytes
generalized adaptive filtering
gatesim.lzh 104168 bytes
GateLevel simulator (demo)
heat.lzh 200254 bytes
Pick the correct heatsink.
heat1.lzh 148069 bytes
heat sink selection 1 of 2
heat2.lzh 46511 bytes
heat sink selection 2 of 2
helical.lzh 3604 bytes
from rf design 7/85, a helical filter program
helm211.lzh 28837 bytes
helmholtz resonator design v2.11
hp-nf.lzh 18339 bytes
from microwave journal 7/86, angelov/haimov's
icbook.lzh 31747 bytes
ic book. chip database & electronic symbols
icd.lzh 11062 bytes
IC database in 1-2-3 FORMAT.
ier.bas 520 bytes
electronics design and formulas
imd.lzh 2567 bytes
intermod locator in basic
imd5.lzh 1991 bytes
an imd, freq, amplitude from power series
ind-calc.lzh 1674 bytes
calculate the inductance of wire, ribbons
ind_cap.lzh 26644 bytes
solves for Inductive Reactance or Capacitive
inductor.bas 2447 bytes
electronics design and formulas
inductor.lzh 3182 bytes
a air coil and toriodal inductor program
indz.bas 559 bytes
electronics design and formulas
inmod3.lzh 10523 bytes
Find an intermod free channel.
interfer.lzh 5208 bytes
calculate rfi for known frequencies
interm.lzh 56494 bytes
intermodulation analysis program
intermod.bzs 2048 bytes
intermodulation distortion calculator
intermod.lzh 1230 bytes
co-located fm intermod
intmod60.lzh 8609 bytes
iron.lzh 13184 bytes
Calculate inductance of a coil.
iwe.bas 512 bytes
electronics design and formulas
iwr.bas 559 bytes
electronics design and formulas
ixpform.lzh 18172 bytes
impedance transformation program
jbl.lzh 62050 bytes
jbl speaker design program
jetlag.bas 2982 bytes
electronics design and formulas
kolbly.lzh 26610 bytes
submitted to the eepd library by r. kolbly
l-match.lzh 2483 bytes
another k2uyh program in basic
l_match.lzh 26923 bytes
calculate match with l network
lca-2.lzh 119867 bytes
logic analyzer demo.
lcau_exe.lzh 146398 bytes
a selection of several celluar systems
lfc.bas 634 bytes
electronics design and formulas
listroom.lzh 63208 bytes
loudspeaker vs. room placement
lm_723.bas 2893 bytes
electronics design and formulas
logiclab.lzh 29724 bytes
logic simulator for the amiga.
logsim.lzh 35549 bytes
digital ttl circuit simulation
los-obj.lzh 753 bytes
determine earth radio range
loudspea.lzh 45084 bytes
Create your own loadspeaker enclosure.
loudspkr.lzh 43649 bytes
loudspeaker design kit
lowpass.lzh 2311 bytes
from eepd, a active filter lp filter program.
lozd-tun.lzh 2220 bytes
from rf design may 82, a low impedence tuned cir
ludec.lzh 11860 bytes
lu decomposition for linear equations.
magcor.lzh 1998 bytes
program for magnetic core calc
mainmenu.bas 6139 bytes
electronics design and formulas
maxfltr1.lzh 121069 bytes
filter design program 1 of 2
microkop.lzh 57775 bytes
from microwaves & rf 12/86
microstr.lzh 72659 bytes
from rf design 7/87, feeney/hertling's ladder
mixspur.lzh 48210 bytes
calc mixer spurs
motdisc.lzh 265898 bytes
motorola discrete parts information
motic.lzh 172491 bytes
motorola ic information
motspecs.lzh 286993 bytes
motorola components in db/catalog
ms-ibm.lzh 2400 bytes
a microstrip program from tsc files
mstrip.lzh 2063 bytes
james lev's microstrip program from microwave
mutual.bas 3730 bytes
inductance calcs
net210.lzh 145243 bytes
AC circuit analysis
nf-ip.lzh 1217 bytes
w0iyh's 10/81 qst basic program for nf
nfcascad.bzs 1792 bytes
cascase NF
nkfsa97.lzh 149187 bytes
Spectrum Analyzer Program(from cd)
nodet.lzh 79015 bytes
from eepd and edn 8/82, a nodal analysis prog
noise.lzh 37301 bytes
noise figure for op-amp util.
nonres.bas 3165 bytes
electronics design and formulas
nrbnpas.lzh 4198 bytes
w0iyh/bill sabin's 5/83 qst
nucgc.lzh 1531 bytes
ibm basic constant gain circles from tsc
octopus.lzh 2919 bytes
scope add-on transistor tester
ohms.lzh 17848 bytes
ohms law calc
ohms_law.lzh 17850 bytes
Ohms law calculator.
ohmslaw.lbr 15360 bytes
filename says it all
ohmslaw.lzh 25273 bytes
calculates watts, ohms, volts & amps
p_supply.lzh 5831 bytes
Linear Power supply design (in basic)
pads.bas 3358 bytes
electronics design and formulas
palsum1.lzh 83648 bytes
amd's pal/pla/pld development kit
palsum2.lzh 150043 bytes
amd's pal/pla/pld development kit
palsum3.lzh 124088 bytes
amd's pal/pla/pld development kit
palsum4.lzh 149377 bytes
amd's pal/pla/pld development kit
palsum5.lzh 101326 bytes
amd's pal/pla/pld development kit
palsum6.lzh 85893 bytes
amd's pal/pla/pld development kit
palsum7.lzh 147020 bytes
amd's pal/pla/pld development kit
palsum8.lzh 119346 bytes
amd's pal/pla/pld development kit
parfeed.bas 750 bytes
electronics design and formulas
parres.bas 599 bytes
electronics design and formulas
pathan.lzh 6484 bytes
Microwave path analysis(from cd)
patter.lzh 109209 bytes
smith chart calculator
pcfltr1.lzh 77095 bytes
filter design pgm 1 0f 2
pcfltr2.lzh 62702 bytes
filter design pgm 2 0f 2
pcrout.lzh 90707 bytes
shareware circuit board layout
perf400a.lzh 152740 bytes
perfect box loudspeaker design
perfect.lzh 100506 bytes
wood speaker design program
phnfiltr.lzh 594 bytes
phone noise filter kit
pi-match.lzh 1421 bytes
gil boelke's pi-match
pll-sc.lzh 10355 bytes
a series of supercalc programs for pll's
pll.lzh 122854 bytes
***** No description on file *****
pltpts.lzh 3016 bytes
plot points program in ibm only, from tsc
pmi.lzh 92722 bytes
***** No description on file *****
pmi2q89.lzh 91015 bytes
precision monolithics analog prod cat
polrec.lzh 634 bytes
polar to rectangular conversion
powersup.bas 3204 bytes
electronics design and formulas
prctline.lzh 24373 bytes
Calculate pcb stripline values
pspice1.sit (OFFLINE)
part1 of test drive of micro-sim's spice
psupply.exe 36480 bytes
Nice prg for PWR SUPPLY Construction!
puff.lzh 85933 bytes
efrom cornell, a microwave analysis program.
q-match.lzh 3028 bytes
q-match in basica from tsc
qckt.lzh 102415 bytes
quick circuit analyzer (shareware)
qckt87.lzh 99021 bytes
quick circuit analyzer
radpower.bas 4331 bytes
electronics design and formulas
ratio.bas 2304 bytes
selects the nearest e12 or e24 preferred values
rbd103.lzh 22523 bytes
Resistor band decoder
refcoef.lzh 1052 bytes
calculate z from reflection coeff and vicea-v
rel_rad.bas 1895 bytes
electronics design and formulas
rescalc.lzh 983 bytes
calculate resistors values(basic)
resistor.lzh 12235 bytes
Show resistor codes
resistor.lzh 12235 bytes
find value of resistance from color code
reson.lzh 27929 bytes
resonant frequency program
resonant.lzh 1401 bytes
resonant circuit design aid
respar.bas 614 bytes
electronics design and formulas
rf.lzh 131915 bytes
rf/microwave analysis demo
rf1.lzh 63395 bytes
design tools for rf circuits
rf2.lzh 19837 bytes
***** No description on file *****
rf4.lzh 49663 bytes
RF design tools
rf_engr.lzh 35652 bytes
radio frequency engineering programs
rf_tools.lzh 98802 bytes
calc. ind/frq/cap/vswr etc
rfamp.lzh 110855 bytes
design low power RF amplifiers.
rfcad374.lzh 78346 bytes
a large collection of basic program for circuits
rfd-0190.lzh 20697 bytes
basic source code for bandpass filters, micro
rfd-0689.lzh 4858 bytes
pll design in basic. from rf design 6/89.
rfd-0889.lzh 4897 bytes
mathcad files for chebyshev filters.
rfd-dr89.lzh 146504 bytes
disk rfd-dr89 from rf design magazine
rfdens.lzh 3941 bytes
Calculate rf density.
rfdesgn.lzh 6077 bytes
rf design programs
rfdesign.lzh 12432 bytes
a pair of rf design programs.
rfeng.lzh 100772 bytes
wa9gfr RF engineering software (shareware)
rfs.lzh 87683 bytes
calculate transmission paths & more
rfsafe.lzh 8001 bytes
Calulate RF radiation
rftools.lzh 99561 bytes
RF & Microwave engineering calculator
rie.bas 498 bytes
electronics design and formulas
rmbcd1.lzh 2788 bytes
Calculate passive 3way cross over
rms-ibm.lzh 619 bytes
find rms value of complex waveforms
romberg.lzh 11628 bytes
integration program using richardson's extrapt.
rwe.bas 536 bytes
electronics design and formulas
rwi.bas 535 bytes
electronics design and formulas
s-match.lzh 1377 bytes
stub matching in basica from tsc
s-yzht.lzh 1761 bytes
convert s to y,z, h or t parameters from tsc
scanlfuf.bas 1799 bytes
electronics design and formulas
scatlink.bas 6400 bytes
electronics design and formulas
scdigest.lzh 134030 bytes
digest of semiconductor devices
sch-drw.lzh 67156 bytes
Schematics drawing program.
sdlmp215.lzh 144485 bytes
Loudspeaker tool
sercap.bas 601 bytes
electronics design and formulas
sight.lzh 32415 bytes
Calculate Line of site distances
silicon.lzh 60290 bytes
ic master index/database
slav.lzh 72147 bytes
elogic circuit schematic drawing/simulation
smath-i.lzh 4407 bytes
multi-port s-parameter to 2-port, from tsc/ee
smith2.lzh 2999 bytes
smith chart program in basica from tsc/eepd
smitty.lzh 26994 bytes
a non-graphic smith chart calculation program
snratio.lzh 2734 bytes
ind signal to noise ratio and harmonics
solvdc.lzh 87004 bytes
Solves DC circuits
solve310.lzh 87004 bytes
solve circuit problem calculations..excellent
solve71a.lzh 108644 bytes
circuit solver
solve71b.lzh 104664 bytes
circuit solver
solve71c.lzh 110323 bytes
circuit solver
speakr10.lzh 65011 bytes
Vented speaker design program
spectrum.sit 107520 bytes
for the mac
spur-ibm.lzh 3168 bytes
mixer spur program in basic, tsc/eepd
spurfreq.lzh 17164 bytes
mixer spur program. includes short pascal source
strip_w.bas 1077 bytes
electronics design and formulas
stubmatc.bas 3126 bytes
circuit calcs
stubs.bas 1327 bytes
electronics design and formulas
surge1_2.lzh 2541 bytes
build your own surge protector
sw-ps.lzh 66391 bytes
from eepd, a series of program in pascal
swr.bas 750 bytes
electronics design and formulas
tang-tp5.lzh 17889 bytes
the ms-dos network analysis tang recompiled
tang.lzh 31597 bytes
a circuit anlysis program in turbo pascal.
taylor.bas 3958 bytes
circuit calcs
tcap.lzh 14976 bytes
a network analysis program for ibm/cga
telsurge.lzh 2521 bytes
telephone surge suppressor
tess1.lzh (OFFLINE)
part 1 of 3 of tess.
toolbox.lzh 98802 bytes
microwave toolbox - very useful
toolkit.lzh 5650 bytes
14 useful routines in one program for the rf
tran-res.lzh 28307 bytes
Calulate transent reponds.(in basic)
trans.lzh 31306 bytes
transistor amplifier design for ms-dos.
tunedamp.lzh 10469 bytes
from eepd and rf design 1/83, a multiple tune
txnline.bas 3016 bytes
circuit calcs
ufixit.lzh 101912 bytes
Electronic troubleshooting tutor
umatch.lzh 28567 bytes
Calculate microstrip imped.(in basic)
uplot.lzh 3451 bytes
generalized plotting porgram in basic from tsc
vdivnet.lzh 2514 bytes
voltage divider networks
vhfqtr.bas 801 bytes
electronics design and formulas
vir.bas 497 bytes
electronics design and formulas
voltmult.lbr 2176 bytes
voltage multiplier design program.
vwi.bas 508 bytes
electronics design and formulas
vwr.bas 538 bytes
electronics design and formulas
wa9gfr.lzh 19229 bytes
a series of basica programs from lynn gerig.
wave-g.lzh 1236 bytes
waveguide cutoff frequency
wer.bas 531 bytes
electronics design and formulas
wie.bas 513 bytes
electronics design and formulas
windrat.lzh 377 bytes
Transformer windings
wir.bas 541 bytes
electronics design and formulas
wlength.lzh 216 bytes
wavelength calc in basic from tsc/eepd
yzht-s.lzh 1525 bytes
convert y,z,h or t to s parameter
plldsgn.exe 154277 bytes
Phase Locked Loop Design
eca-2.lzh 140188 bytes
Demo of Tatum Labs Electronic Circuit Analysis V.2
tatfilt.lzh 184361 bytes
Tatum Labs Active Filter Design Demo
wavelet.lzh 68709 bytes
nonlin16.lzh 175799 bytes
Nonlinear regression analysis program.
afd.lzh 131796 bytes
Filter Design
bctcalc.lzh 26094 bytes
DUty Cycle, Freq Resp Calcs for BiCMOS from T.I. 350481 bytes
Motorola Semiconductor Databook, 1992 156041 bytes
Motorola Scattering Parameters Databook 139192 bytes
Datenbank ber Dioden, Hybrid-Verstrker, Triacs, Thyristoren und Optokoppler von Phillips vom 12.11.1990 140074 bytes
Datenbank ber bipolare und Feldeffekt- Transistoren von Phillips vom 12.11.1990 314889 bytes
Datenbank ber TTL-ICs von Texas Instruments mit allen technischen Daten und Anschluss- belegungen vom 01.11.1992 497792 bytes
Electronic Workbench. Circuit drawing tool.
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