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files.lst 0 bytes
this file
files.lzh 2053 bytes
compressed 2995 bytes
modem for Hams using TI DSK 320C26 $100 kit
tor306.exe 171783 bytes
Terminal Program for use with DSP modems 75034 bytes
a collection of things for DSP HF Modem 1230449 bytes
the Ham DSP modem from Finland 238499 bytes
schematic for OH6EH DSP TNC 301000 bytes
docs for OH6EH TNC
dspmisc.lzh 70644 bytes
misc files for OH6EH TNC
dsptools.lzh 206318 bytes
tools for digital signal processor design.
m56000.lzh 353522 bytes
DSP56000 Compiler, Linker, Simulator
w5sxd.lzh 89411 bytes
TMS320 DSP tools 40814 bytes
Source for Motorola DSP 3 board with 56001 chip 30311 bytes
TI 320C26 DSK-based modem with pactor 212044 bytes
FFTDSP v3.0 by AF9Y vom 05.03.1993 Radio Signal Analyzer *DEMO*
dsp56k-gcc.tgz 1307863 bytes
gcc compiler adapted for DSP56000
dsp100.exe 34562 bytes
for TOR and DSK, RTTY/Amtor/Pactor/HF Packet modem 69329 bytes
KC7WW's port of W9GR's CW etc filter for TI DSK
dskjnx1.exe 122713 bytes
HB9JNX's program for Amtor/RTTY/Pactor with DSK
dsk5_ord.exe 56495 bytes
info on TI DSK C50 kit
dsk5_rom.exe 29313 bytes
asm source for C50 DSK kernel
dsk5_sfw.exe 261106 bytes
Tools for C50 DSK
dsk_aa2x.exe 90991 bytes
C26 DSK Audio Analyzer
dsk_acad.exe 27557 bytes
ORCARD and PS for C26DSK schematics
dsk_cf26.exe 52887 bytes
60 Hz comb filter for C26DSK
dsk_news.asc 15559 bytes
DSK news from 8/93
dsk_os2x.exe 69756 bytes
Oscilloscope for C26DSK
dsk_sa2x.exe 80736 bytes
Spectrum Analyzer for C26DSK
dsk_sfwr.exe 154286 bytes
tools for C26DSK Spect An
dskd_120.exe 164211 bytes
beta version of C26DSK info
dskl_app.exe 70885 bytes
Loader and Spectrum Analyzer for C26DSK
dskorcad.exe 47693 bytes
more orcard stuff for C26DSK
00readme 48872 bytes
list of files on TI DSP Support BBS
bel202.asm 18103 bytes
TAPR Bell 202 DSP code 186362 bytes
Tools disk from C26 DSK 1158326 bytes
Demo disk from C26 DSK
dsp2400.exe 98906 bytes
v22 2400 for C2X DSP 158063 bytes
KC7WW's amtor program for Orchid and Cardinal DSP sound cards
adpcmnon.arc 16896 bytes
asms.arc 60325 bytes
bin.arc 89584 bytes
dataio.arc 31679 bytes
del-spry.arc 141805 bytes
dsp0.arc 127969 bytes
dspnotes.arc 13326 bytes
fft32010.arc 38400 bytes
fir.arc 42835 bytes
firiir.arc 15232 bytes
fltgpt10.arc 7680 bytes
mac320.arc 209068 bytes
macros.arc 44032 bytes
macrosrc.arc 25728 bytes
newspect.arc 44934 bytes
newwefax.arc 70742 bytes
nkfsa.arc 175049 bytes
nkfsa97.arc 131840 bytes
piii.asm 25857 bytes
scopetst.arc 83786 bytes
software.inf 13540 bytes
tfft.arc 33793 bytes
wefax.arc 41110 bytes
DSP 28928 bytes
original source for 320 audio filter 20249 bytes
QEX article on SSB Mod with C26
newwefax.arc 70742 bytes
DSP wefax code 26954 bytes
KISS (1200bps) package for 320C26 DSK 40933 bytes
CW filter for 320C26 DSK 31504 bytes
DTMF encode/decode for 320C26 DSK
dsk5l101.exe 63730 bytes
The working loader for the TMS3205x DSK. Issues prior to July don't work
dsp.arj 116388 bytes
HB9JNX All-Mode for DSK26 Card
psa.arj 111496 bytes
HB9JNX All-Mode for PSA type Soundcards
psacw.arj 43996 bytes
HB9JNX CW Filter for PSA-style soundcards
psa_tnc.exe 114572 bytes
TNC on a PSA style soundcards
dg1scr.arj 114040 bytes
HB9JNX All-Mode for DG1SCR DSP board 144167 bytes
psa soundcard tool kit from kc7ww. 9053 bytes
compander code for 320C26 DSK (from QST)
dskldr11.hqx 179946 bytes
new DSK loader for Mac (replaces dsk10)
a56v12.tgz 76469 bytes
source code for 56000 assembler 224605 bytes
DOS EXE of 56000 assembler
dsknews.001 435 bytes
TI DSK news
dsknews.002 937 bytes
TI DSK news
index.bzs 16278 bytes
index of files on TI DSP BBS (gzip'd)
macasm.uue 56611 bytes
DSK assembler for Mac 329856 bytes
Speech compression for 56K DSP chip 41584 bytes
KC7WW DSP stuff for PSA soundcards (Orhid, Cardina l, etc) 20249 bytes
src to Weaver Method Modulator Using DSP QEX 9/93
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