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files.lst 40 bytes
this file list
files.lzh 5580 bytes
100xlt.txt 4750 bytes
cheat sheet on 100xlt operation.
10mbeacn.lzh 973 bytes
listing of 10 meter beacons
123radio.lzh 62122 bytes
scanner freqs in Rochester
3ltr.lzh 13315 bytes
Info about 3 letter callsign stations OLD and NEW
3ltr.lzh 13315 bytes
broadcast 3 letter call signs
800mhz.lzh 1852 bytes
information text on 800 mhz services
809_960.lzh 741 bytes
frequency assignments for 809-960 mhz
aerodx.lzh 8646 bytes
list of hf aeronautical freq.
aerohf.lst 8960 bytes
HF areo frequencys
aerovhf.lst 4331 bytes
VHF/UHF areo frequencys
affreq.lzh 1096 bytes
freq's for us air force
affreq2.lzh 2900 bytes
Air Force radio frequencies
aflst01.lzh 3080 bytes
swl listing of african tropical band stations
airforce.txt 2156 bytes
U.S. Air Force,Special Air Missions on H.F.
airgnd.txt 13796 bytes
Info on new air to ground phone system.
anarcclb.lzh 5348 bytes
Clubs associated with the ANARC.
apcodes.lzh 9710 bytes
Codes used by Associated Press on its wires.
aquafreq.lzh 6335 bytes
more Ship to shore freq
areodx.txt 20863 bytes
Text and freq list aeronautical communications
ares.lzh 48113 bytes
kb1pj's ares database
babymon.txt 5268 bytes
convert monitor into a repeater
bbcsked1.txt 17783 bytes
BBC schedule
bbcsked2.txt 18309 bytes
BBC schedule
blimpfre.lzh 990 bytes
Goodyear blimp freq.
buffalo.txt 21696 bytes
Buffalo freq list
bugfreqs.lzh 1972 bytes
Survelance bugs.
calfreq.txt 558947 bytes
List of california frequencys.
capfreq.txt 707 bytes
CAP freqs.
catvfreq.lzh 1106 bytes
List of cable tv frequencys/channels
cellfreq.lzh 5592 bytes
cellular phone tx/rx frequencies.
clear.txt 3220 bytes
Medium Wave (AM broadcast) "clear channel" stations.
club.lst 8832 bytes
list of clubs forming anarc
cmhfreq.lzh 6554 bytes
frquency list for central ohio.(upl Brian Jost)
cordless.lzh 849 bytes
frequencies for cordless phones.
cordless.txt 1927 bytes
Cordless phone freq.
davefrq3.lzh 31229 bytes
List of various monitored freqs
dayton.txt 10902 bytes
Dayton airshow frequencies
dcanodes.txt 12118 bytes
dca nodes information/operation
disfreq.lzh 779 bytes
scanner frequencies for walt disney world
dx-pgms.txt 4736 bytes
English Lang DX Programs List(upl Charles Hinkle)
dxband.txt 4951 bytes
tuning overlooked band 29.70 - 30.00 MHZ.
dxlst02.lzh 1232 bytes
list of swl dx programs by date/time/freq.
ecpa.lzh 19483 bytes
Text of the ECPA,1986.
eelist.lzh 14109 bytes
english language swl broadcast schedule
eng0402.1 4161 bytes
SWBC English
eng0402.2 3521 bytes
" "
eng0402.3 3671 bytes
" "
eng0402.4 3402 bytes
" "
eng0402.5 3540 bytes
" "
f30_906.lzh 717 bytes
frequency assignments for 30-906 mhz
fastfood.txt 719 bytes
Freq in use by fastfood restarants
fed_freq.lzh 4285 bytes
interesting lists of 'secret' scanner freqs.
federal.txt 56161 bytes
List of frequencys in use by feds.
fedgovt.txt 23304 bytes
Federal government freq.
feds.lzh 2446 bytes
federal govn't ham radio freqs
fftmorse.lzh 26105 bytes
decode morse code via parallel port
firefreq.lzh 1276 bytes
Fire dept freq allocations
flfreq.txt 46182 bytes
Florida freq list
freq.lzh 703 bytes
draws composite of 4 sine waves
freq0_30.lzh 1111 bytes
freq. allocation 0-30 mhz
freq3.lzh 39537 bytes
5,000 frequencies for scanner enthusiasts
freqhf.lzh 45707 bytes
HF Utility station freqs -- voice & Data - Current
freqlist.lzh 1693 bytes
hf band guide from 500khz to 30mhz
freqslow.lzh 54916 bytes
Listing of HF utility stations
freqswp5.lzh 26065 bytes
scanner database for the norfolk, va area.
frqsgalr.lzh 196957 bytes
Scanner fequency database
funfreqs.lzh 8827 bytes
some interesting frequencies for scanning
gmrs.txt 9371 bytes
What is General Moble Radio Service (GMRS)
gulffreq.txt 3310 bytes
shortwave broadcasters in the Persian Gulf area.
hamtx.txt 33470 bytes
Ham repeaters in TX.
handy.cht 3968 bytes
Handy Shortwave reference chart.
hfbands.lzh 2648 bytes
Freq uses 9k to 30mhz. nice..
hfbeacon.lst 8192 bytes
international hf beacon list from usenet.
highseas.lzh 4602 bytes
Monitor ship-to-shore phone calls on shortwav
hurrican.txt 3279 bytes
Frequencies of interest during hurricane season
inmod3.lzh 10523 bytes
find channels w/no intmod
intair.txt 3235 bytes
International SW Aircraft freq.
intoscan.txt 15244 bytes
Intro to scanner listening.
introswl.txt 19228 bytes
Intro to SWL listening.
loran.lzh 85488 bytes
loran position locator system 2546 bytes
List of boating freqs.
marine.fre 5551 bytes
List of new world wide marine frequncy.
mideast.freq 2416 bytes
Active freq in the mideast
miscfreq.lzh 30624 bytes
lists misc. frequencies- tv, cb, etc.
mobile.txt 2533 bytes
List of mobile phone freq.
nasa.lzh 7274 bytes
List of nasa frequencys in use.
nascar.frq 3712 bytes
NASCAR Frequencies
net0191.lzh 10669 bytes
ANARC SWL Net Logs for January '91
nitewa.doc 7552 bytes
NightWatch VIP UHF-Mux air/ground circuits
nwfla.txt 2358 bytes
North west Florida police freq.
ohfreq.txt 114121 bytes
List of ohio freq.
osugame.fre 1679 bytes
OSU Game Frequencies,Police,ABC(upl mark lucas)
p3c_tele.lzh 3990 bytes
ham- ao-13 telimetry logical channels
phone.fre 779 bytes
Airphone and moble phone freq.
police.doc 13824 bytes
Police Radar, Detectors, and Jammers
presfreq.lzh 2081 bytes
White House radio frequencies
pressfrq.txt 11264 bytes
press rtty frequency list. in freq: area.
r7000.txt 5026 bytes
Collections R7000 service bulletins/mods.(from CD)
rac.lzh 115712 bytes
radio frequency database pgm. (1-23-90) avs
racefreq.lzh 2592 bytes
Misc freq for racing circuits/drivers
racing.lzh 3374 bytes
Auto racing freq across the country.
radio.un 5998 bytes
United Nations radio schedule.
railfreq.lzh 30629 bytes
List of USA-wide railroad freq.
rnsched.txt 1099 bytes
Radio Netherlands Broadcasts in English
rocscan.frq 36096 bytes
frequency data for scanner/public service 18264 bytes
Press frequencys on HF Rtty
rttyfreq.txt 10754 bytes
Rtty stations on HF..
sacfreq.lzh 423 bytes
strategic air command freq
satfre.txt 3712 bytes
FLEETSATCOM Military Satellite Channels
sca.txt 14228 bytes
How to listen to SCA transmissions.
scan_1.lzh 50631 bytes
lists scanner freq
scan_db.lzh 116767 bytes
keep your own scanner database
scanall.frq 31232 bytes
a list of scanner frequencies.
scanam.txt 10750 bytes
Scanner Freqs near A&M College
scanbase.lzh 177711 bytes
Nice Scanner/Ham frequency database!
scanbuff.txt 21694 bytes
Buffalo area scanner freq.
scancmh.txt 6719 bytes
Scanner freq in the Columbus area
scandfw.txt 70708 bytes
Scanner Freqs Dallas/Fort Worth area
scandoor.lzh 56035 bytes
Door program to list/enter freqs.
scanfood.txt 719 bytes
Scanner freq for fastfood drive thru
scanfreq.txt 9911 bytes
List of scanner frequencys in Columbus ohio area.
scanfrq.lzh 161510 bytes
database to manage scanner frequencies
scanhou.txt 16916 bytes
Scanner Freqs Houston
scanlist.lzh 36023 bytes
tidewater federal scanner database
scanma.txt 76592 bytes
Mass scanner freqs
scanmngr.lzh 142974 bytes
scanner tool
scannc.txt 2798 bytes
Scanner freq in North Carolina
scanner.exe 23271 bytes
Self extracting list of Rochester and area freq's.
scanner.lzh 45867 bytes
Lotus 1-2-3 worksheet & printout scan
scannyc.lzh 6995 bytes
Scanner freq for New York City
scanr371.lzh 169415 bytes
dbms for scanners
scansea.txt 1691 bytes
Seattle area scanner freq.
scantx.txt 765152 bytes
Scanner Freqs in Texas.
scantx1.txt 14991 bytes
Another Scanner Freqs for Texas.
scdx1991.lzh 91229 bytes
Archive of scdx for 1991(june to dec)
scdx2149.txt 10137 bytes
:: Number 2149--Feb. 4, 1992 ::
scdx2150.txt 17374 bytes
:: Number 2150--Feb. 18, 1992 ::
scdx2151.txt 11375 bytes
:: Number 2151--Mar. 3, 1992 ::
scdx2152.txt 12951 bytes
:: Number 2152--Mar. 17, 1992 ::
scdx2153.txt 14004 bytes
:: Number 2153--April 7, 1992 ::
scdx2155.txt 15188 bytes
:: Number 2155--May 12, 1992 ::
scdx2156.txt 8305 bytes
:: Number 2156--May 19, 1992 ::
scdx2157.txt 16550 bytes
:: Number 2157--June 2, 1992 ::
secserv.lzh 589 bytes
list of all secret service frequencies
seeker_1.lzh 136537 bytes
SWL receiver control program (DEMO ONLY)
shipshore.txt 5472 bytes
Marine VHF channel frequencies and usage
short14.lzh 37850 bytes
swl's database - times/freq/etc exceptional!
shortwav.lzh 2769 bytes
swl's freq listing
shutle.lzh 1141 bytes
info on ham operations on shuttle
shuttle 7168 bytes
shuttle freqs
shuttle.txt 32046 bytes
Shuttle up and downlink freqs.
skyphone.lzh 425 bytes
List of freq for air/gnd/air skyphones
socal.txt 163342 bytes
Southern california freq list, (upl tom broker)
soviet.lzh 14613 bytes
Soviet RTTY Tutorial/Freqs with translation table
soviets.txt 29973 bytes
How to Monitor Soviet Communications
ssfreq.txt 2186 bytes
Secret Service Freq.
swl113.lzh 260232 bytes
Scanner logbook program.
swlclubs.txt 3613 bytes
Lists of SWL Clubs around the USA
swlfreq.txt 23658 bytes
List of SWL broadcast by hour. 63340 bytes
Program to list of swl stations times & freqs.
swlinfo.txt 4454 bytes
Info on short wave radio
tampafre.txt 3288 bytes
public safety freq TAMPA-ST.PETERSBUG
tisstn.txt 37685 bytes
List of Traveler's Information Stations
tropic.txt 7625 bytes
Radio Stations in the tropics band,1989 data.
trwfreq.txt 477 bytes
S. CA TRW plant freqs.
ttypress.lzh 3378 bytes
RTTY (radio teletype) press list. Good!
tvdir.bzs 2048 bytes
tv channel to frequency conversion in basic-80
tvfreq.lzh 29171 bytes
TV channel frequencies for CATV/SMATV/BDCST
twfreqs.lzh 25638 bytes
scanner database for the tidewater area.
ucsdfreq.txt 524 bytes
University of California freqs.
uhf_air.lzh 4065 bytes
uhf airplane frequencies
usaf.lzh 1485 bytes
listing of usaf shortwave frequencies
usafhf.txt 2157 bytes
Air Force - Special Missions H.F. freq
uscg.lzh 787 bytes
US Coast Guard Portsmouth, New Orleans, & Miami
usnwfax.lzh 719 bytes
List of US navy Fax schedules.
vafreq.lzh 25638 bytes
Freq for VA.
vascan.lzh 23158 bytes
ham- mark day's excellent scanner database
vksched.txt 21955 bytes
Radio Australia Daily Programming Schedule
voasked.lzh (OFFLINE)
current VOA schedule
voasked.txt (OFFLINE)
wefax.schedule 3516 bytes
WEFAX GOES/HF frequencys
wireless.mic 31329 bytes
List of wireless mic frequencies
wxcalls.txt 20405 bytes
List of NOAA Weather stations in the us.
z92rnw.txt (OFFLINE)
Radio Netherlands
aus0607.txt 3943 bytes
Radio Australia schedule
ontrpt.lst 19073 bytes
Ham rptr listing for WNY/South Ont. dated 9/91
scanverf.lzh 32360 bytes
scanner freqs for the rochester area
ahcdx.lzh 25882 bytes
Shortwave Toolkit for Windows
809_960.txt 2525 bytes
***** No description on file *****
dwz92.lzh 3105 bytes
***** No description on file *****
dxshows.lzh 3380 bytes
sked of DX shows on sw
freqs.txt 44258 bytes
***** No description on file *****
rj92jb.txt 6024 bytes
Radio Japan sked
rjdx0209.txt 5286 bytes
more Radio Japan
rjmr000.txt 5268 bytes
even more Radio Japan
scdx2156.lzh 4303 bytes
Sweden Calling
swl.lzh 167193 bytes
***** No description on file *****
swlfreq.lst 16128 bytes
***** No description on file *****
repeater.txt 72016 bytes
List of 2-meter repeaters in New York and Ontario 3019 bytes
Radio Australia Sked effect. 10.10.1993 2380 bytes
Radio Austria SWBC Sked Effective 2816 bytes
Radio Finland SWBC Sked 26.09.93 - 26.03.94 2489 bytes
Radio Jordan SWBC Sked English & Arabic 5946 bytes
Radio Moscow SWBC Sked 26.09.93 - 26.09.94 2782 bytes
Radio Vlaanderen Int'l 26.09.93 - 26.03.94 140550 bytes
big database of 5000 scanner freqs 325345 bytes
Scanware FCC dbase program
vofc9309.txt 6528 bytes
Voice of Free China
asia9309.txt 640 bytes
Taiwan radio sked 4140 bytes
BBC SWBC sked 11476 bytes
more BBC sked info 1149 bytes
Japan DX show sked 1005 bytes
Radio Netherlands sked 4934 bytes
Russia SWBC sked 2864 bytes
VHF/UHF FM Repeaters in Poland by SP8NCD Spring '93 8353 bytes
Questions about military air monitoring 81093 bytes
Freqs galore
swave.ant 8017 bytes
make a shortwave RX antenna from your phone wires. 91371 bytes
VOA skeds etc as of 8/20/94
toronto.txt 3683 bytes
Toronto scanner freqs
rochrpt.txt 3835 bytes
List of repeater in the Rochester area 60416 bytes
List of repeaters and scanner freq
cnyrptr.txt 16147 bytes
Lst of CNY Repeaters 104130 bytes
repeater database which works under win 3.1 requires vbrun300.dll 417458 bytes
Scanmans handbook v.12 62980 bytes
*ALL* known VOA sked info
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