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files.lst 33 bytes
this file list
files.lzh 3147 bytes
88_139.lzh 57679 bytes
must read! proposed change to fcc part 97
acode.lzh 19104 bytes
good pd morse code program
aplmorse.bas 2560 bytes
morse code training program for apple //
autocw.lzh 45589 bytes
morse code practice, random/keyboard/file
autoexam.lzh 177480 bytes
novice/tech/general/adv./extra ham radio exams
cnkycode.lzh 9232 bytes
code trainer for the "Shoebox"
cod_bill.lzh 34397 bytes
uncle bill's morse code practice pgm.
code.lzh 34397 bytes
commercial quality code course 921179 bytes
code program
codetest.lzh 2863 bytes
code program 5 to 15 words per minute
comco101.lzh 22250 bytes
morse code trainer for atari st.
cw310.lzh 52889 bytes
a excellent program to learn and upgrade code.
cwassist.lzh 17429 bytes
morse practice with qsos/random characters
cwtotal.lzh 51626 bytes
a total learning package for morse code
cz-cw10.lbr 19584 bytes
code trainer for Applicard and CardZ180
eleclern.lzh 49427 bytes
program to tutor on elementry electricity
emp.lzh 8932 bytes
tutorial on electromagnetic pulses
exam.lzh 132831 bytes
extra class amateur radio tutor
exam_nov.lzh 29320 bytes
novice exam pool questions
exam_tec.lzh 27724 bytes
technical exam pool questions
ext13.exe 115456 bytes
extra class study guide
fccfreq.lzh 2447 bytes
fcc freq. allocations for u.s.
fccmon.lzh 823 bytes
fcc monitoring station list-5/89
fccofice.lzh 1786 bytes
fcc offices and monitoring points
fccp2.lzh 24398 bytes
novice exam part2 2 run under study.lzh
fccrule1.exe 51807 bytes
fcc rules
fccstudy.lzh 65544 bytes
ham radio study guide
flashcrd.lzh 27593 bytes
morse code flash cards on your monitor
gen12.exe 83072 bytes
general class study guide
general.lzh 25348 bytes
general class study aid..
hampac.lzh 69701 bytes
a ham radio program for ms-dos, license stuff
hampac5.lzh 70456 bytes
novice/technician study aid
hamq2.lzh 31144 bytes
1990 fcc novice questions.
hamq3.lzh 52306 bytes
1990 fcc general/tech questions.
hamq4.lzh 72507 bytes
1990 fcc advanced/extra questions
hamtrain.lzh 1393 bytes
list of ham radio traning classes
learnq.lzh 8829 bytes
tutorial on the "q" codes
macmorse 53504 bytes
code trainer for Mac
makecw.lzh 39500 bytes
cw trainer
morse-a8.lzh 693 bytes
morse code practice for atari 8-buit.
morse.128 1792 bytes
c128 / ham radio a cw practice program for c128's
morse.lzh 121844 bytes
morse code practice program for atari st
morse30b.lzh 67614 bytes
morsepas.lzh 1013 bytes
turbopascal source for morse program
nov13.exe 108800 bytes
novice class study guide
nov_test.lzh 91533 bytes
hams: ns5i/w5yi novice class exam generator
novexam.lzh 4461 bytes
how to give a novice class exam
novice1g.lzh 28476 bytes
novice exam questions and answers.
novice25.lzh 34638 bytes
hams: fcc amateur radio novice class exam
novicest.ack 287744 bytes
Hyperstack for novice test
nprm9055.lzh 16705 bytes
fcc nprm 90-55 communicator license, full text
part97.lzh 47636 bytes
FCC Part 97
part97.lzh 47636 bytes
fcc part 97 amateur radio regulations
pt97all.lzh 31303 bytes
complete revised part 97 w/all subparts
qsotutr2.lzh 86473 bytes
a qso tutor aimed at advanced class
readme.doc 33254 bytes
part of rules for fcc part 97 (ham)
rewrite.lzh 27247 bytes
fcc part 97 rewrite from 1988
robocopy.lzh 26106 bytes
copy morse code from audio output of radio
samfb8.lzh 88309 bytes
code trainer
search.lzh 3119 bytes
fcc frequency allocations 30-1200 mhz
sendcw.lzh 6323 bytes
send morse code from a batch file.
stmorse.lzh 33119 bytes
code trainer for Atari ST
study.lzh 33508 bytes
core program for study elements fccmn.
supercw.lzh 85119 bytes
a morse code tutorial program
tec13.exe 96256 bytes
technician class study guide
tec2.lzh 29467 bytes
amateur radio technician test
techexam.stk 251904 bytes
Hyperstack for Tech Exam
tutadv4a.lzh 71317 bytes
tutor for advanced class element 4a
tutor.lzh 71317 bytes
advance class 4a test element - super!
txt2mors.lzh 4848 bytes
convert text to morse code (audio-visual)
vefc24.lzh 20084 bytes
hams: ve code test validator/timer, w/c source
words.ham 5888 bytes
ham related words for read-in from code trainers
novice.txt 115973 bytes
Novice questions
tech.txt 105161 bytes
Technician questions
general.txt 95919 bytes
General questions
advanced.txt 160327 bytes
Advanced questions
extra.txt 163769 bytes
Extra questions
nov20.lzh 93144 bytes
novice test program sharware
tec20.lzh 83694 bytes
tech test program sharware
genera.lzh 71389 bytes
general test program sharware
advanc.lzh 100738 bytes
advanced test program sharware
extra.lzh 96228 bytes
extra test program sharware
fsend4-1.lzh 18331 bytes
Code trainer..
morsetut.sit 12160 bytes
Mac Morse Code Tutor V1.3 by Jack Brindle, WA4FIB
morse.lzh 121844 bytes
PC Morse Code Trainer - very nice and clear!
cwtotal.lzh 51626 bytes
A total learning package for morse code(from cd)
mcode.exe 37632 bytes
Morse code practice key with your mouse
cp.lzh 21240 bytes
code practice program
mrsmna.mac 26496 bytes
Morse Mania for the MAC
timeis.txt 1036 bytes
Info on how to get the correct time..
mars.txt 5501 bytes
What is mars. short intro.
tenten.txt 6667 bytes
Info about 10/10 internations 10meter group.
spectrum.080 7168 bytes
Ham radio freq spectrum chart for 80-col
hamfla.lzh 165220 bytes
flash card program, ham tests
hamradio.txt 14336 bytes
What is Amateur Radio? This explains it
rig-bux.txt 11264 bytes
Guide to buying ham gear; a good article
office.fcc 8320 bytes
FCC field Offices, phone and address
freq.ham 3412 bytes
Amateur radio frequencys as of (1/1/90)
whatis.txt 7238 bytes
What is amateur radio, (intro to ham radio)
hambone.lzh 212211 bytes
Ham radio testing program, all classes.
rfs.lzh 87679 bytes
Does various electronic calculations
hampac5.lzh 70456 bytes
Practice for Ham license testing and code practice
cwdemos.lzh 66018 bytes
Great CW Sending and Prictice Demo
hamcalc.lzh 3662 bytes
Contains various ham related calculations...
morset.sit 18048 bytes
Morse.sit is a stuffit archive for the Macintosh
cocode.bas 7552 bytes
teach yourself morse code on a coco
adv.sit.hqx 182274 bytes
Advance class programs/test
gen.sit.hqx 128637 bytes
General class programs/test
morse.sit.hqx 16568 bytes
Morse code generator for mac
tech.sit.hqx 150259 bytes
technicain class programs/test
novice.sit.hqx 171153 bytes
extra.sit.hqx 175470 bytes
Extra 36832 bytes
Windows 3.x Graphical U.S. Amateur Privileges. DEMO Version. Req win 3.x in standard or 386 enhanced
tec22.exe 84224 bytes
Interactive Technician Class exam using the new question pool of 7/93. Self extracting .EXE
examswny.asc 4471 bytes
Ham Radio Exams in WNY for '94/94 from K2KWK 113673 bytes
This is a good Ham test. Questions Novice through Advanced. 147260 bytes
question pool for Ham FCC test 18554 bytes
FAQ about Ham Radio in UK
sm415.exe 170295 bytes
ma51k.exe 166787 bytes
sm416.exe 198719 bytes
Newest version of Super Morse 56144 bytes
FCC part 97 (amatuer radio) rules in windows help format.
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