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1010memb.lzh 688548 bytes
10-10 members
10_10.lzh 3227 bytes
all about 10-10 club, fun on 10 meters
2mtrskd.lzh 103670 bytes
eme scheduler
5bdxcc.lzh 264865 bytes
Keep track of your 5 band DXCC progress
amateur.lzh 25454 bytes
two amateur programs
amifdlog.lzh 80764 bytes
FD logger for Amiga
autolog.lzh 51701 bytes
ms-dos hamradio logger.
autolog4.lzh 106021 bytes
hams: control icom radio, automate log book
awarddb.lzh 5955 bytes
awards db programs for ham radio awards
beamhd.lzh 8405 bytes
beam heading
beamhead.lzh 34991 bytes
a beam-heading tsr.
bestbeam.bzs 12288 bytes
beam heading for ham radio in basic-80.
c3zcz_15.lzh 105258 bytes
kasser- ham radio utilities v1.5
caltym34.lzh 107574 bytes
call NOAA to set your clock
certde.lzh 30924 bytes
10-10 certificate management system
chart.c 1798 bytes
Create frequency logging charts..
cnlog20.lzh 128078 bytes
ham- wa9dre's super sweepstakes logging pgm.
contest.lzh 19022 bytes
ham radio contest database by g3zcz
coordif3.lzh 34526 bytes
another lat/long to heading/distance program.
cor_log.lzh 30727 bytes
dbase 3+ .prg - tracks incoming action
counties.lzh 11553 bytes
all us counties. (text file)
county12.lzh 57181 bytes
amateur radio county hunter's prgm
cqwlog.lzh 31697 bytes
cq-dx contest logger fm. arrl opn. hndbk
ct.lzh 115279 bytes
update to county
ct626.lzh (OFFLINE)
k1ea demo logging prog
ctcvrt.exe 86007 bytes
HyperLog 2.01 and up K1EA conversion utility 76800 bytes
cw op tool
cw500.lzh 112713 bytes
cw terminal with logging
cw_pc.lzh 39864 bytes
send & receive cw with ibm pc (cga req)
cw_sd_rc.lzh 39864 bytes
a great morse program to send/receive
cwrcv.lzh 2339 bytes
recieve cw through rs-232 port
db3log.lzh 53427 bytes
Complete log record keeping with DBase3
dechms.lzh 23528 bytes
convert decimal hr/min/sec to hours avs
dop.lzh 8272 bytes
dbase 2 & 3 logging package
dxcc.bxy 9600 bytes
rdxcc countries worked tracking for apple
dxcc10.ark 7680 bytes
dxcc tracking program for cp/m mbasic.
dxcc104.lzh 81017 bytes
hams: dxcc award logger & lister w/statistics
dxcc10a.lzh 5524 bytes
dxcc country tracker for ms-dos w/basic source.
dxcc51.lzh 48078 bytes
beam headings, lat. & long. , prefix locator
dxccbear.lzh 53105 bytes
ham- dxcc bearing chart/sunrise/set,printable
dxhamibm.lzh 68844 bytes
Realtime contest logger
dxhamibm.lzh 68844 bytes
another dxing and contesting program
dxlog185.lzh 165800 bytes
Dx logging program
dxtlog.lzh 28964 bytes
logging program, in basic with source
easylogr.lzh 208447 bytes
EasyDX loger(yet another logger)
fdlog102.lzh 120579 bytes
Field day logging program (from kwn bbs) 27392 bytes
cw from soundblaster
fielday.lzh 83060 bytes
a field day logger program for pc type computer
fixdxcc.lzh 82739 bytes
update for dxcc list in total ham
freqs.lzh 101798 bytes
rac frequency catalog & database
gc.lzh 40484 bytes
geographical clock program / timezones
geochron.lzh 41546 bytes
local time in various cities around the globe 328704 bytes
geodoc.lzh 36661 bytes
documentation for geoclock
geomno42.lzh 93369 bytes
geoclock (cga version) v 4.2 - requires
gmt.bas 2583 bytes
electronics design and formulas
grayline.lzh 54099 bytes
determine sunrise/sunset anytime/anyplace
grid--.lzh 3175 bytes
for msdos
grid.lzh 22538 bytes
Maidenhead grids for amiga
gridx.lzh 14720 bytes
arrl maidenhead world grid locator atlas.
grtcirc.bas 4245 bytes
electronics design and formulas
gs.lzh 36908 bytes
contest grid square locator
ham_grid.lzh 2459 bytes
ham radio grid zones
ham_log.lzh 82480 bytes
another PD logging program, in clipper.
hamgram.lzh 69287 bytes
arrl traffic message generator w/dbase files
hamlog.lzh 188623 bytes
hamlog, like in the gud old days
hamprg64.ark 61440 bytes
ham programs for the commodore 64
hamrdo2.lzh 44050 bytes
geographic & grid conversions
hamsys.lzh 204942 bytes
logger/qsl system.
hlog222c.exe 347939 bytes
hyperlog 2.22
hmgrm102.lzh 69287 bytes
arrl nts message generator.
hmsdec.lzh 23579 bytes
convert hr/min/sec to decimal hours
hylog214.exe 309637 bytes
ham radio logging program
iarulog.lzh 29623 bytes
iaru contest logging prg fm arrl opns. hndbk.
k8cc_423.lzh 168919 bytes
Contest logger
kb0zp_1.lzh 107994 bytes
kbozp hamdisk #1 - logging utilities 1/2
kb0zp_2.lzh 96629 bytes
kbozp hamdisk #2 - messages & traffic 2/2
kb0zp_l.lzh 137979 bytes
kb0zp logger
kb0zpvc3.lzh 137139 bytes
logging and msgs
livdup.lzh 17398 bytes
excellent contest duping program.
logbk421.lzh 257802 bytes
Logs and Prints QSL labels Plus any Comments
logbook.lzh 75723 bytes
logdbase.lzh 11645 bytes
ham.log for dbase-iii
logeqf.lzh 207257 bytes
Logger w/Kenwood I/O
logfiles.exe 268288 bytes
ki6lo's dxcc logbook v4.21 self extracting
logger12.lzh 40290 bytes
Contact logger program, ok for ham/scanner/swl
loggerv3.128 50560 bytes
contest logger for the commodore 128
loggr150.lzh 107454 bytes
general ham logger v1.50
logham.lzh 244157 bytes
another logger
logibm.lzh 210116 bytes
logic logging program for ms-dos
logicman.lzh 67291 bytes
manual for logic logger.
logprn.lzh 14048 bytes
wa7mbl log translator
logr141.lzh 90268 bytes
ARRL Format Logbook System.
logum15.lzh 73241 bytes
shareware version of log-um 2.5 wa4bik
maclog.sit 139776 bytes
Mac Logger v1.3, arrl fieldday logger
morscode.lzh 1943 bytes
translates morse code into english
navib3.lzh 89018 bytes
great circle distance calculator
nbscom17.lzh 43615 bytes
set your clock by calling NBS
nbstime2.lzh 55996 bytes
set your computer clock
net400.lzh 91403 bytes
net control pgm (used by roosters) by w1hkj.
net510.lzh 98112 bytes
cw program for net operation
newlog.lzh 96780 bytes
logbook and qsling manager
nicad.lzh 1992 bytes
nicad battery maintenance
nicads.lzh 5097 bytes
text on nicad batteries
ntex_ms.lzh 86219 bytes
collection of ham radio programs
nts12.lzh 89303 bytes
packet radio nts automatic traffic form
pc_ham.lzh 99992 bytes
collection of ham radio programs
pclog.lzh 44182 bytes
ham logbook recording w/options
pclog88.lzh 103142 bytes
logging utility
printqsl.lzh 1143 bytes
qsl card printer program
procw.lzh 22893 bytes
hams: send and receive cw via rs232
pxdb1c.lzh 114466 bytes
PXDB (PrefiX DataBase) version 1C
qqsl41.lzh 115177 bytes
qsl card / labels
qsl11.lzh 48596 bytes
print qsl info on mailing labels
qso-pro.lzh 169228 bytes
NZ8P logbook program
qsotimer.lzh 27622 bytes
time your qso's
rc85pr15.lzh 47298 bytes
hams: programs acc rc85 parms/speech by modem
rochbeam.lzh 7425 bytes
beam headings for the rochester area 71700 bytes
morse generator
splog.lzh 144571 bytes
a super logger... or so they say!
sslog.lzh 28477 bytes
arrl sweepstakes logging prg fm arrl op. hbk.
ssmast.lzh 60634 bytes
Arrl Sweepstakes contest log program
st-test.lzh 15255 bytes
contest logger for atari st
sts_pc.lzh 9855 bytes
station traffic system for ham radio kb4cyc
swl-c64.sda 19456 bytes
a self dissolving archive for c64's
swlg1991.lzh 65073 bytes
Great SWL database for IBM - works!
tapetime.lzh 16461 bytes
translate vcr counter number into time
tenx10.lzh 135413 bytes
10-10 member manager
testlog.lzh 106365 bytes
a contest logging program for msdos computers.
thesar36.lzh 138131 bytes
electronic thesaurasus
timset60.lzh 93629 bytes
set time from NOAA etc
tothm921.lzh 149811 bytes
total ham v9.2 exe & docs bug fix over v9.1
tothm9_2.lzh 64163 bytes
data files for the total ham v9.1
trans.lzh 31306 bytes
translate text to another language
unigrid.lzh 4815 bytes
Maidenhead grids
unigrid2.bzs 6912 bytes
an update to n6nb's gridlocator program
us_beam.lzh 538 bytes
u.s. beam headings
utc.bas 2317 bytes
electronics design and formulas
utillog.lzh 1003 bytes
the definitive utility dxer log/report tool.
vhlogger.lzh 36747 bytes
amiga Amateur radio call sign logging
w8zpffd.lzh 57778 bytes
nice and simple fieldday logger,in basicy
wallnote.lzh 866 bytes
funny note for shack visitors
whatson.lzh 12288 bytes
pc-ham v2.0, amateur radio contest package
wheritis.lzh 24096 bytes
exe great circle route from lat/long
wirlbl.lzh 38243 bytes
make wire labels. sterio, pc, ham radio
wtime.lzh 46429 bytes
zulu.lzh 15447 bytes
gmt clock for hams 993562 bytes
R&R Russian Callsign Database Version 1.2 NA December 1992 The Russian and Independent Republics 30.780 licensed Radio Amateurs
hamlog.sit 108544 bytes
Ham Logger for the Mac 47480 bytes
QTH - Program for Windows (in German) 134516 bytes
WAS MAP v1.1 for Windows by KC4B vom 22.07.93
ped411i.lzh 60124 bytes
Pile-Up Trainer. Uses sound card to train on use of CT and sharpen your ear for CW contests. From Japan. 186383 bytes
Voice version of Pile-Up Trainer. From Japan
jreqf.exe 242176 bytes
Same as LOGEQF program w/o Radio/TNC interface.
logeqf.exe 267136 bytes
Great Logging and Contest Program by Tom Dandrea 399766 bytes
Logging Program, part A 233795 bytes
Logging Program, part B
sdi537.exe 192644 bytes
a contest duper from Ireland 5150 bytes
ham logging tsr
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