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files.lst 36 bytes
this file list
files.lzh 4202 bytes
keps.amsat 15857 bytes
Current AMSAT Keplarian Elements
keps.nasa 6479 bytes
Current NASA 2-line Keps Elements
keps.tle 75 bytes
Current NORAD 2-line Keps Elements
2mtrskd.lzh 103670 bytes
EME help files
macsat113.hqx 99328 bytes
MacIntosh satellite tracking application
alogdisp.lzh 17454 bytes
interprets the binary activity log files built
amsat.lzh 2870 bytes
complete amsat uplink/downlink list 6/89
anews1.lzh 6204 bytes
Amsat weekly news report
anews150.lzh 10292 bytes
NORAD two-line element sets. weekly format
anews3.lzh 11635 bytes
AMSAT weekly Orbital Elements
ao13dcay.lzh 3209 bytes
INformation about ao13 dcaying orbit.
aproject.lzh 42807 bytes
Infomation about amsat projects
asattrak.lzh 77967 bytes
Satellite tracking program by TS KELSO
atlas.lzh 94634 bytes
Graphics World atlas
band_aid.lzh 93633 bytes
a general ham utility program nice tracker.
bbcdesc.lzh 20185 bytes
BBC descrambler docs,schematics (hpgl and ps)
bcast1.sit 68992 bytes
broadcast protocal receiver for MAC.
bcstfix.lzh 799 bytes
Notes of protocal updates
british.sat 9835 bytes
British TV news via satellite
bterm104.lzh 31281 bytes
broadcast protocal receiver.
ccdexe.lzh 32654 bytes
convert uosat 5 graphics to GIF format
ccdsrc.lzh 6385 bytes
source files for uosat5/gif
database.txt 40857 bytes
Expanded database of satellites around the world
dats.lzh 2122 bytes
Digital Audio Transmission on Satellite explained
digital.sat 2249 bytes
***** No description on file *****
dishinfo.txt 4663 bytes
Sources for TVRO information
disp15.lzh 130497 bytes
simple tracking programs.
dispang.lzh 3127 bytes
Display angles from KCTraker rotor controler.
dopplr.lzh 4992 bytes
Simplified doppler correction for oscar operation
dove3w13.lzh 41842 bytes
dove satellite telemetry decoder,files or hapn
dovewk2.lzh 9465 bytes
dove x,y,z, values in lotus 1-2-3 worksheet
eletrans.lzh 18904 bytes
Translate 2line nasa elements to amsat format.
eme2.lzh 25986 bytes
Simple EME Link Budget Calculator
europe.sat 27075 bytes
TV and audio , on the Ku-Band in Europe.
fo20tl.lzh 3230 bytes
How to decode fo20 telemetry data.
geosat.lzh 7066 bytes
Find geosysnc sat locations(in basic)
geosat20.lzh 53594 bytes
geosync satellites
geosync.lzh 37339 bytes
locate geo-sync satelites
goes.lzh 11428 bytes
Low Cost GOES VAS Imaging System
goes0228.lzh 3654 bytes
goes satellite navigational update (2-28-90)
ham_grid.lzh 2459 bytes
Maidenhead Grid Square locator.
highfix.lzh 5213 bytes
fixes for pg/pb
ibmic232.lzh 6505 bytes
control icom271/471 via parallel port
itpat1.lzh 8623 bytes
Patch to instatrak to fix checksum bug..
itpatch2.lzh 8986 bytes
Fixes problems introduced by patch 1
itsort.lzh 33545 bytes
Utilitys for instatrak program
kct500.lzh 42569 bytes
Hardware and software mods to the Kansas City
kissfilt.lzh 19015 bytes
Tool for Filtering the KISS Log Files
ksat_pad.exe 49280 bytes
***** No description on file *****
lo19dec.lzh 28404 bytes
LUSAT telemetry capture/decoding program.
locatsat.lzh 34738 bytes
sat. locator
m2l9208.lzh 41978 bytes
MAK2LINE Ver: 9208 prepares/builds a 2-Line Orbita
mac52.sit.hqx 178636 bytes
Mac tracking programs
macalc.lzh 23796 bytes
calculate orbits per day to minutes
microtlm.lzh 5307 bytes
Analyze microsat telemetry(in basic)
moon.lzh 43514 bytes
wa1jxn "moontrak" - updated w/8087 support
msatbi.sit 24704 bytes
Mac sat tracking
msatcm.lzh 43473 bytes
Microsat ground station software.
msatwo.sit 25472 bytes
mac stat
music.sat 7676 bytes
Audio services available on satellite
nasacen.lzh 29720 bytes
Info about nasa services. Nice file
netsat.lzh 47346 bytes
Notes on the use of NET with Satellites
nflsat.txt 256 bytes
listing of some of the NFL feed
nk6ktl.lzh 40424 bytes
dove telemtry decoder/tracker
nk6ktlm.lzh 40424 bytes
decodes microsat telemetry from non-kiss
noaa_how.lzh 6452 bytes
how to receive satellite images
noaapubs.lzh 5589 bytes
Info about noaa services and publications
norad.lzh 19326 bytes
satellite tracker for the atari st.
orbit-c.lzh 8533 bytes
n3emo's orbit program in 'c', with source.
orbit.tar.z 516335 bytes
A unix based satellite tracking program
orbit1-c.lzh 43833 bytes
tracking program with c source
orbit23.lzh 25409 bytes
Locate satellites in orbit for dos
orbitmac.sit 56704 bytes
orbit23 for mac in sit format
p3c_tele.lzh 3990 bytes
oscar 13 telemetry info
pacbroad.lzh 46784 bytes
This program reads a KISS file from disk and
pacdoc.lzh 48007 bytes
PACSAT broadcast protocol
pb1221.lzh 34778 bytes
Pacsat broadcast decoder.
pb920430.lzh 123075 bytes
Packsat groundstation software
pbq.lzh 24690 bytes
Pacsat broadcast decoder.
pfh0210.lzh 27628 bytes
Program to add packsat headers to a file
pfh124.lzh 17263 bytes
Packsat broadcast encoder
pfholes.lzh 13260 bytes
display bytes received and missing ftl0 broadcasts.
pg920225.lzh 51820 bytes
program for accessing PACSAT satellites
program.sat 15723 bytes
program.txt 595 bytes
Satellite TVRO Programers.
q_block.lzh 2591 bytes
ao-13 telimetry block format
qt4map.lzh 25260 bytes
quiktrak v4.0 map sample
quikbb.lzh 29098 bytes
Version of quicktrak that runs from a packet bbs.
reqsat24.lzh 12442 bytes
Satellite Mail Gateway Server Version 2.4
rmeter.lzh 2763 bytes
Build your own radiotelescope
sat303.lzh (OFFLINE)
oscar locator for atari st
sataim.lzh 30605 bytes
Calculate dish heading for all C/Ku satellites
satcalc2.lzh 38335 bytes
wb6llos' satcalcs utilities - very useful
satelite.lzh 1244 bytes
locate tv satellite in basic
satfax.lzh 76849 bytes
Software for receiving WEFAX from
satfind5.lzh 36296 bytes
azimuth and elevation for geo-satelites
satfix.lzh 4443 bytes
satellite look angles & performance
satinfo.lzh 6534 bytes
amsat information from n9eht
satkep.txt 7692 bytes
orbital elements C/KU satellites
satloc.txt 4110 bytes
Current and future satellites
satloc21.lzh 31392 bytes
utility for aiming a dish
satra10.lzh 130954 bytes
A PC based satellite tracker. Untested
satrak.sit 258432 bytes
Satellite tracking for the mac.
satscan.txt 143236 bytes
SatScan Satellite Services Chart
satspec.lzh 2760 bytes
spectrum analyzer for sat reception
sattaim.lzh 1390 bytes
aim antenna to desired satellite
sattelit.lzh 116234 bytes
sat tracking program
scpc.txt 11726 bytes
scrounge.sat 22191 bytes
The Scroungers Guide to Satellite TV
seesat.tar.z 96687 bytes
A unix based satellite tracker.
seesat3x.lzh 51269 bytes
Tracking with c/sorce
seufix.lzh 15147 bytes
Program to adjust webersat pictures.
shwlog.lzh 86457 bytes
Graphic binary activty log viewer V2.0
smrtrk94.lzh 399419 bytes
Smart track
sovsat.lzh 4457 bytes
Soviet space freq in use.
sqk00a.lzh 55191 bytes
quiktrak (qk) utility, for maniulating kep elements
starfind.lzh 47833 bytes
***** No description on file *****
tech_inf.lzh 7364 bytes
hardware overview of uosat-5 earth imaging system
telonics.lzh 20958 bytes
HRPT antenna information
tlmdc4.lzh 43173 bytes
AMSAT Telemetry Decoding from N4HY
tracke.lzh 53136 bytes
tracking software (shareware)
trk200.lzh 19656 bytes
TrakBox instruction
tvro.voa 697 bytes
VOA on standard FM subcarrier,
tvsat.lzh 12002 bytes
Calculate angle for TVRO dish, from any location.
uo5tlm.lzh 66556 bytes
UO5 telemetry decoder.
uosat.txt 9088 bytes
from amsat..... info on uosat progress.
usat92.lzh 80249 bytes
PC tracker 1992. With QBASIC source
whoswho.txt 2749 bytes
Names and address of satellite personallitys
wod.lzh 35063 bytes
WOD display program. This program reads KISS data
world.sat 7061 bytes
Satellites around the world.
xsat1.0.tar.z 1647479 bytes
Unix/BSD/X11 satellite tracker,
satrak.sit 258432 bytes
SaTrak v1.01 Satellite Tracking Program for Macintosh 117955 bytes
SatSked 1.937 is a satellite tracking and scheduling program for LEO digital ham satellites. It requires a registration number/fee from Amsat to operate. 31686 bytes
convert AMSAT packet bulls to keps
trak302.exe 457216 bytes
Satellite Tracking Program "TRAKSAT". 382041 bytes
VK3UM EME scheduler 254235 bytes
Satellite information program, not a tracker. 429906 bytes
WiSP, a Windows satellite tracking program.
macdove.sea 37248 bytes
MacDove will decode Dove Telemetry on just about any Macintosh. Self extracting file. This version was received directly from the author. I have run it on a 512 Mac and PB 170 with no problems. 48551 bytes
Satellite Sun Outage Calculator...Nice 1283869 bytes
Windows Sat tracking program
satrack3.1.tgz 535023 bytes
Satellite tracker for *nix 296041 bytes
STSorbit plus part a 285231 bytes
STSorbit plus part b 603201 bytes
W0SL's Windows sat tracker 671390 bytes
Satellite Tracker
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