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Also see individual BBS file areas: F6FBB, AA4RE, W0RLI, MSYS G1NNA, WA7MBL, N0ARY etc. Also see The Net/ROM-TheNET area Also see the UCSD mirror area

files.lst 30 bytes
this listing
files.lzh 2367 bytes
apl603.exe 323712 bytes
Aplink, Packet/Amtor
aplink.exe 321408 bytes
APLINK V6.2, self extracing archive.
bbsdx.txt 5375 bytes
Short note about bbs dxing on packet pro/cons
bis_v20.lzh 194339 bytes
PBBS search for MBL/RLI
bisdata.lzh 64055 bytes
BIS PBBS search program
bpq404.exe (OFFLINE)
version of G8BPQ node/switch
bpq405.lzh (OFFLINE)
G8BPQ Packet Switch
bpq405b.exe (OFFLINE)
bug-fix to BPQ Packet Switch
bpqutils.lzh 25694 bytes
uitls for the bpq switch, term,monitor,help
bpqyap.lzh 27106 bytes
YAPP file serve for the G8BPQ server.
callsrv3.lzh 10974 bytes
SAM Callbook support for MSYS
convers.lzh 17049 bytes
'converse' mode for thenet (CROWD)
dc300.ark 44032 bytes
BBS for C64
de404bpq.lzh 108108 bytes
G8bpq for the Kantronics data engine.
diebox1.lzh 337093 bytes
dosgt114.lzh 179171 bytes
operate msdos remotely via rs-232 serial port
drwy143.lzh 48732 bytes
Doorway for PRMBS
g8bpq.txt 10710 bytes
Overview of g8bpq network switch
g8bpqsrc.lzh 39009 bytes
Source code for the g8bpq code. 9216 bytes
MSYS PBBS Log file utility (upl Terry Bell)
logprn.lzh 14048 bytes
Log file formatter.
mailbox.lzh 76409 bytes
personal mailbox for packet by n3dfd
mailbox6.lzh 64723 bytes
manual.lzh 32422 bytes
c bbs cbbs rli v4.6 manual/doc
marsmlfa.lzh 42939 bytes
MSYS Log File Tool well suited to MARS
mb060obj.lzh 105736 bytes
msgs14.lzh 22360 bytes
msndx104.lzh 6824 bytes
mtools.lzh 162152 bytes
tools for MSYS from WB0OIZ
mutnc204.lzh 122417 bytes
access TNC while using BPQ switch
newmsgv6.lzh 36221 bytes
packet bbs auto-print utility for w0rli
nosbpq.exe 16419 bytes
info on setting up bpq nos driver
nrtn13.lzh 8312 bytes
facts about TheNET (vs NetRom)
oiz_util.lzh 49040 bytes
oiz's utility package for mb1512
pbbs0187.lzh 113469 bytes
pbbs31.lzh 15856 bytes
Mini BBS for model 100 laptop
ratsdocs.lzh 16746 bytes
info on level 3 packet
reqfil.lzh 38207 bytes
rs155doc.lzh 91956 bytes
ka2bqe's roserver ver. 1.55 docs
scandoor.lzh (OFFLINE)
scan door v1.00 for the pcboard bbs.
server12.lzh 24542 bytes
packet BBS server program
state-v2.lzh 50446 bytes
tf21c.lzh 41955 bytes
hams: nord><link improved wa8ded tnc1 firmware
tncdr105.lzh 26683 bytes
Link a dialup BBS to a tnc via doors.
w9zgsbbs.lzh 20568 bytes
W9ZGS BBS for C64
wakepbbs.lzh 93297 bytes
bbs prog for packet-works with ptp for nts
wwlist.lzh 73361 bytes
world list of packet bbs/digipeaters
ziptv21.lzh 39967 bytes
zip viewer/reader driver program for bbs doors
bpq406a.lzh (OFFLINE)
newest G8BPQ NetRom switch
hexwire.lzh 2506 bytes
theory of how TheNet NetROM diode matrix works
rs173run.lzh 304098 bytes
PRMBS v1.73 Complete runtime package for new startup of system or update from pre-v1.70 systms. see also RS155DOC.lzh
rs174upd.lzh 88952 bytes
PRMBS v1.74 UpDate Package, for new install take also RS173RUN.lzh, install v.173, then update with this file.
rs176upd.rme 5608 bytes
ReadMe file for PRMBS v1.76 UpDate Package. Is included in RS176UPD.ZIP also 116320 bytes
PRMBS/ROSErver v1.76 UpDate Package - complete for anyone running v1.73 and later. For new installation get v1.73 runtime RS173RUN.ZIP plus this v1.76 update package (OFFLINE)
latest G8BPQ Packet Node switch 114655 bytes
PRMBS/ROSErver 1.77 UpDate package, 1.73 + later 945648 bytes
N2GTE GTEMPS v1.6;Desqview driven packet BBS 57763 bytes
GTEMPS v.6 by N2GTE vom 14.11.1992 The N2GTE Packet Message Switch - Packet BBS using Desqview, docs only
sara.lzh 37541 bytes
Interface LLBBS and Packet TNC 116050 bytes
Roseswitch for Packet 260998 bytes
G8BPQ packet stuff
lbbs015b.tgz 218355 bytes
Packet BBS for Unix 442780 bytes
Packet BBS from Germany
npf220a.exe 330602 bytes
G8NPF Packet PMS
515b_bin.exe 244476 bytes
***** No description on file *****
515b_exe.exe 241209 bytes
***** No description on file *****
515b_txt.txt 263 bytes
***** No description on file *****
515b_upd.exe 295765 bytes
***** No description on file *****
7plus217.exe 130345 bytes
***** No description on file *****
lbbs-0.1.8b.ta (OFFLINE)
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