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files.lst 35 bytes
this file list
files.lzh 3950 bytes
1270tune.txt 3309 bytes
directions and notes for MFJ 1270/74 TNC
1278pat.txt 5542 bytes
Patches for using wa8ded hostmode
232450.txt 4167 bytes
Hooking the PK-232 MBX to the TS690S or
9600info.txt 8146 bytes
9600BPS/3KHz-G1NTX Fast Packet Systems
9600mod.txt 1557 bytes
9600 Baud Modem Availability
96man.lzh 13183 bytes
info on 9600 bps packet
96man.txt 33261 bytes
info, k9ng and g3ruh modem at 9600 baud (from cis)
aeakiss.txt 1581 bytes
Settings for kiss mode on aea pk232
alr206t.txt 594 bytes
PK-232 to alinco alr206t
ares15.exe 169856 bytes
Ares database, emergency packet bridge
arrl7.lzh 160019 bytes
Papers from the 7 arrl packet conferance.
asciiart.lzh 31402 bytes
Make packet pictures. Mouse required.
ax-121.txt 13440 bytes
Recommendations on AX-121 implementation
ax25.lzh 167814 bytes
AX.25 code by Jon Bloom, KE3Z
bsq.lzh 42389 bytes
binary to ascii for packet
bsq1.lzh 19419 bytes
convert binary to ascii for packet xmission
cellnet.txt 17718 bytes
Info on 430 Mhz Band Full Duplex 56 KBaud packet
chunk15.lzh 55150 bytes
break apart large files
confpak.txt 11315 bytes
A proposal for packet radio conferencing
d410ruh.txt 5084 bytes
Connect a g3ruh to D410 ttl port
datafreq.txt 4736 bytes
my thoughts on chosing a hf packet frequency.
daytime.lzh 1388 bytes
TNC clock from PC clock (upload Dave Wolfe)
dcd.txt 28366 bytes
DPLL Text for builing DCD systems.
descope.lzh 17492 bytes
PC datascope/line monitor(from cd)
digmap.lzh 4744 bytes
a map of packet stations in ok and tx.
dxpacket.lzh 10349 bytes
world-wide listing of packet digirepeats 7-88
estimate.lzh 25096 bytes
Estimate packet throughput
fccsta.lst 1385 bytes
List of station authorized under fcc STA(from cis)
ft23rpac.lzh 1125 bytes
How to interface your Yeasu FT23R to a TNC
g197b1.lzh 75326 bytes
DSP-12 software V1.97 beta 13 (from cis)
hammisc1.lzh 119456 bytes
batch of ham radio related programs
hamstuff.lzh 150747 bytes
SSTV, KAM RTTY, Amtor, CW on your PC.
hfpacket.lzh 11737 bytes
hints on hf packet operation.
hfpacket.txt 18432 bytes
info on how to improve hf operation
hfpktut.lzh 0 bytes
hf info
hubmast.txt 10574 bytes
Spring 1991 Status Report of
icom2at.doc 7472 bytes
interface a ICOM 2AT to TNC
iprov.pkt 17078 bytes
Band Choice Considerations for packet networks
iso-3166.lst 8161 bytes
iso country designators
kam-box.lzh 2694 bytes
KAM to Icom 2400A/229H Interface box project
kam.dcd 1032 bytes
Mods to kam tnc
kam_wire.txt 3973 bytes
wiring your KAM to the RS-232 port
kamodem.lzh 136742 bytes
update for kamtronics modem by w1hkj
kamprogs.lzh 97475 bytes
Kam support programs
kdkmod.tnc 1024 bytes
: KDK FM-240 on packet
kpc4.txt 1165 bytes
Announcement of hardware fix for kpc 4 users.
laninfo.txt 142020 bytes
Introduction to Administration Local Network
lee.lzh 3856 bytes
using an icom ic2at on packet radio
makebas.lzh 2462 bytes
converts .com & .exe files to basic to send
mfjtnc.txt 3738 bytes
Pin connections for 1270b to various rigs.
minnpkt.txt 5323 bytes
Packet radio frequency plan for minnesota
mocom35.txt 3471 bytes
mod MOCOM 35 for 9600 baud packet
monax2.lzh 115378 bytes
wb6ymh/nk6k ax.25 stats package
nodes.lzh 2332 bytes
dc area packet node list
nts12.lzh 89303 bytes
packet radio nts automatic trafic form
ntsnodes 7168 bytes
a list of nts (national traffic system)
ntspkt.doc 5120 bytes
info on the nts (national traffic system)
pac1200.lzh 6321 bytes
basic code for packet link via doors.
pac_intr.lzh 6732 bytes
introduction to ham "packet" radio
pack01.tut 7936 bytes
packet tutorial.
pack02.tut 5248 bytes
packet tutorial.
pack03.tut 8576 bytes
packet tutorial.
packet.lzh 8705 bytes
a collection of info files for packet radio.
packet.tut 7309 bytes
packet tutorial.
packet.txt 76626 bytes
Beginners guide to packet by Rich Bono (NM1D) 9216 bytes
packet tutorial. 8192 bytes
packet tutorial.
packetut.lzh 8694 bytes
packet radio tutor
packtutr.lzh 17182 bytes
packet radio tutorial
pacpix.lzh 184651 bytes
CGA pictures over packet radio PART 2
pacsat.lzh 56687 bytes
PACSAT protocols as of 08May90.
paktlk.lzh 92439 bytes
packettalk voice communications
pcxfer.lzh 35925 bytes
Transfer SSTV/FAX/Binary Files on Packet
pdxfer.lzh 35836 bytes
File & Picture xfer for packet.
pix.lzh 80618 bytes
CGA pictures over packet radio PART 1
pk232.dcd 4381 bytes
adjusting the DCD on a pk232
pk232.lst 98409 bytes
pk232 manual (ascii format)
pk232mod.lzh 16052 bytes
pk232 mods
pkt-1190.lzh 8945 bytes
nodes in OH,IL,IN,KY,VA,WV,MI,WI
pktfaq.lzh 11090 bytes
Frequently asked packet questions
priack.lzh 31753 bytes
Prioritized Acknowledgment Protocol for HF packet
protocol.doc 20995 bytes
Discussion of layered protocol model
prtyln11.lzh 5586 bytes
Allow a COM gateway to TNC or modem
r95_11.lzh 20927 bytes
radix 95 binary to data text conversion, v1.1
rstutor.lzh 70709 bytes
RS232 tutor program. nice graphics.
statecd.lzh 23671 bytes
Text "Derived Data Carrier Detect" info..
switch.txt 1718 bytes
build an inexpensive tnc/microphone switch
tapr89.txt 39597 bytes
Meeting minutes 1989 TAPR Annual Meeting.
tapr91.txt 65479 bytes
Meeting minutes 1991 TAPR Annual Meeting
tapr92.txt 70838 bytes
Meeting minutes 1992 TAPR Annual Meeting
taprcmds.lzh 33353 bytes
commands for TAPR ROM'd TNC's
tcm3105.lzh 6346 bytes
updated modem construction info for baycom pgm
th215.tnc 1212 bytes
timer.kpc 1963 bytes
Add a watchdog timer to a KPC TNC
tnc.fix 1264 bytes
Paccomm Tiny-2 Factory Mod
tnc117.lzh 27914 bytes
TNC2 software 1.17 includes kiss
tnc1dcd.lzh 2711 bytes
MODS for TNC1 DCD carrier detect.
tnc1fw.lzh 21096 bytes
DED Software for TNC1
tnc2_192.txt 2104 bytes
TNC2 mods for 19200 baud operation.
tnc2fast.txt 1358 bytes
tnc links at 19.2kb
tnc2mdm.lzh 23155 bytes
TNC2 tune up tips for hf.
tnc2tnc.txt 7681 bytes
hooking up 2 or more tnc back to back
tnc_pk80.lzh 15769 bytes
how: add kiss to aea pk80 retaining ax.25 f/w
tncspy.c 5760 bytes
Process monitored packets from DED TNC.
tnctime.lzh 3413 bytes
Set the time on your TNC
tnctune.txt 3456 bytes
TNC-2 Tune-up Tips
tncupdat.txt 1437 bytes
updates to tnc2 clones..
transp.doc 19882 bytes
Transputer in packet networks.
twotncs.txt 3712 bytes
How to interconnect two TNCs
ve4ub.lzh 184387 bytes
nts & messages utilties for packet under ms-dos.
winpkt.lzh 26244 bytes
Packet drivers for windows.
ww-lists.lzh 199935 bytes
worldwide list of packet stations.
wwmaster.lzh 70039 bytes
k4ngc's list of pbbs and digipeaters worldwide
x25.lbr 100736 bytes
x25 (not-ax.25) packet system for bigboard
yam96com.txt 2688 bytes
9600bps V.29 packet info
zrx1089.lzh 294935 bytes
w9zrx list of packet bbs's as of 10/89.
ax25doc.lzh 21193 bytes
Description of the ax.25 packet link layer protocol.
taprmtg.txt (OFFLINE)
Report of the latest TAPR meeting 33792 bytes
uuencode/uudecode utility to encode 8-bit files
pfh.lzh 34213 bytes
decode PacSat headers
iso.lzh 6726 bytes
list of iso countries (as used in Packet mail) 69086 bytes
7Plus binary to ASCII 124136 bytes
New Version of NTS org from VE4UB for packet
pac016.exe 47097 bytes
Pactor with external modem 25699 bytes
PK232 control for OS/2 39828 bytes
Packet battleship over-the-air a gainst another player via your tnc.
fcc_fwd 3420 bytes
4/4/93 Docket from FCC regarding packet fwd
uudecode.bas 2062 bytes
UUdecode in BASIC (for bootstrapping)
lapa.tzt 46388 bytes
AX25 V2.2 specification for Packet (gzip'd) 429906 bytes
PacSat message/file manager for Windows
psr53.txt 112902 bytes
TAPR 1994 Register (newsletter)
96man2x0.txt 54700 bytes
Newest 9k6bps packet radio manual.
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