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files.lst 32 bytes
this file list
files.lzh 4535 bytes
#pr2.exe 217991 bytes
PR/2 Packet Radio Program for OS/2 623963 bytes
XPCOM v1.40 Packet Terminal program
acuterm4.lzh 273858 bytes
Terminal program
ad16dis.exe 168532 bytes
ARES DATA database/terminal for emergency use
ami-pack.zoo 49152 bytes
Packet Terminal for Amiga
amipac63.lha 555090 bytes
Packet Terminal for Amiga
amtor7.mac 14566 bytes
Amtor terminal program for CPM machines
amypk232.lzh 38912 bytes
Amiga program
apreng.bxy 47104 bytes
Packet terminal for Apple //'s 142821 bytes
Multi windows packet terminal for
aroen1.lzh 35357 bytes
control TNC and TS-440
autofax.lzh 9691 bytes
KAM, fax terminal program.
autopac.lzh 6387 bytes
Use ProComm 2.4.2 with your TNC2
backtalk.exe 360448 bytes
Packet terminal program.
bay14e.lzh 184172 bytes
complete BayComm package
bay_bn.tgz 992946 bytes
BayCom scc for node in German
bay_user.tgz 194974 bytes
BayCom scc for user in German 197412 bytes
Baycom Packet program (caution: fake release) 120376 bytes
Baycom like terminal for "normal" TNCs 31545 bytes
Simple Packet Terminal
cluster.lzh 68226 bytes
DX cluster Terminal Program 200307 bytes
Packet Terminal Software
digipac2.lzh 140704 bytes
EXE for terminal program
dxcmon.lzh 62801 bytes
monitor DX Cluster w/o being connected 40857 bytes
Easy Packet Radio program for TAPR-style TNCs 64850 bytes
Packet Terminal for PTM modems v1.6 64243 bytes
EZ Packet v1.17 Terminal Programm
flex4pcl.lzh 4924 bytes
adds Packet Cluster to FlexPacket
flexpac.lzh 78727 bytes
Flex Packet Terminal Program 117240 bytes
PacketCluster(tm) Terminal w/ headings 199973 bytes
FlexPacket/2 terminal for OS/2 (German)
goldpk.lzh 339367 bytes
Latest Version of PKGOLD test drive. 633582 bytes
Graphic Packet v1.61 by DH1DAE vom 11.10.1993 727346 bytes
Graphic Packet terminal for Firmware 136245 bytes
Update zu Graphic-Packet v1.60 -> v1.61
gp2_101.exe 155243 bytes
Graphic Packet for OS/2 v1.01 10508 bytes
Extended Help fr Graphic Packet vom
gpengdoc.exe 27648 bytes
English Doc's for the Graphic Packet (GP) 376704 bytes
Graphic Packet - Icon driven packet prog 394619 bytes
NEWEST VERSION of HamCom... 31875 bytes
Ham Radio Termnal Program
hc901204.lzh 86186 bytes
HAM Com, yet another packet terminal program.
jterm.lzh 10367 bytes
EXE and PAS for simple terminal program
k2taterm.lzh 21155 bytes
Terminal program for AEA AMtor terminal
kagoldtd.exe 339474 bytes
KAGold Demo Disk for KAM Firmware V 5.0
kam510.lzh 128570 bytes
Multi-Mode program for KAM 143504 bytes
Terminal software for Kantronics
kamodem.lzh 136742 bytes
Terminal program for KAM
kamprg61.lzh 97814 bytes
KAM terminal prog for Firmware Version 5.0 372203 bytes
Terminal software for a Kantronics TNC 192492 bytes
KAMTerm software for Kantronics controllers
lan159.lzh 305635 bytes
LAN-LINK version 1.59 Shareware 822084 bytes
LIU 95 - Packet terminal & PMS for Windows 433012 bytes
LAN Link terminal v2.32
mcaprs151a.hqx 583870 bytes
APRS for Mac
mcaprsdat.hqx 1331448 bytes
data files for Mac APRS
mcaprsmap.hqx 1934571 bytes
map files for Mac APRS
mcaprsoth.hqx 175990 bytes
"other" files for Mac APRS
mfj1278.lzh 148213 bytes
PTR package tailored for mfj1278
msysuser.exe 39709 bytes
terminal program for use with msys114 and 233379 bytes
Multi-User Baycom Terminal program
netspy.lzh 111706 bytes
netspy.lzh Monitor Packet Network Protocol
nwq14068.lzh 270191 bytes
NWQTerminal/DXLUST with SoundBlaster for BPQ
nwq15upd.lzh 47715 bytes
Update to version 1.5001 of NWQterm 698929 bytes
Packet Pet for windows 721189 bytes
PacketPet Lite 2.1 terminal for Windows
pacaterm.sit 86016 bytes
Packet terminal for Macintosh 22768 bytes
Fast Packet Terminal Program v1.1
packco.lzh 40601 bytes
ibm pc and compatable packet program
packcom.lzh 53357 bytes
packet terminal program from Texas
packcomb.lzh 57078 bytes
WB4ZJV's very flexible Terminal program
packcomm.lzh 49164 bytes
Amiga and Kantronics
packet.bxy 49408 bytes
info on Packet on Apple //'s
packet.lzh 316231 bytes
Terminal program.
packet.mac 49152 bytes
Packet for Mac
packetiii.hqx 38998 bytes
terminal prog for the MAC's in binhex format
packv33.lzh 35701 bytes
MS-DOS terminal 165878 bytes
Windows terminal program for PK-232 and PK-88
pacmouse.lzh 6465 bytes
Pacmouse adds mouse capabilities to YAPP VER 2.0
pactalk.lzh 22419 bytes
packet termial program For IBM-PC
pacter.lzh 30085 bytes
WB0PDU's Terminal Program 902141 bytes
PAKET terminal program 133085 bytes
Packet Master v0.9 (beta) for KPC-3 - N9OXN 15473 bytes
a packet terminal as a TSR 12791 bytes
TSR Terminal Program - VU2ZAP 186742 bytes
Packet Terminal with Personal Mailbox v5.48 - OZ1HMN
pcp07.lzh 70013 bytes
WB8COX TP3 source for Terminal
pcptnc.txt 1518 bytes
How to use ProComm Plus with a TNC
pct214.exe 344704 bytes
Excellent Satellite Tracker
phack5.lzh 8656 bytes
Keep track of packet without connecting
phsos2.lzh 166022 bytes
OS/2 Multi-mode pgm for the PK-232 using hostmode
picpro.lzh 62893 bytes
terminal program for kantronic tnc/with fax
pk145com.lzh 133324 bytes
pk232.lzh 71091 bytes
IBM terminal program for the pk232
pk232com.lzh 138052 bytes
G3ZCZ/W3 Packet Terminal
pk232src.lzh 25886 bytes
Pascal source for Packet Term from HB9CVV 323064 bytes
PKGold test drive 6.24, TNC packet program
pkgoldtd.exe 337630 bytes
Test drive of PKgold Software ver 8/9
pklaptop.lzh 2481 bytes
Small terminal prgram for laptop (from coynet)
pkt-term.lzh 116817 bytes
pktmon12.exe 37527 bytes
Packet Monitor software for HF 390030 bytes
Packet Terminal for MS Windows v2.1
pmp11.lzh 69293 bytes
Poor Man's Packet
pmpnews2.lzh 3134 bytes
Use Poor Man's Packet via Serial Port
pr303.lzh 130661 bytes
TurboPR v3.03 - DL1BHO
prkiseng.lzh 174144 bytes
English support for SuperKISS
prkiss30.lzh 119479 bytes
SuperKISS Packet Terminal (from germany)
proamtor.lzh 1266 bytes
Amtor terminal program
propack.lzh 7520 bytes
Small but effective terminal program.
pt-109j.exe 348800 bytes
Packet terminal program.V1.09j
ptm545-1.exe 195667 bytes
The PTM Program & English Language file
ptm545-2.exe 117718 bytes
English & French DOC & Language file
ptm545-3.exe 61930 bytes
Danish Doc & Language files for PTM
ptm545-4.exe 117201 bytes
Norwegian & Swedish & Language files for PTM
ptm545-5.exe 111484 bytes
Italian & Spanish Doc & Language files
ptm545-6.exe 63938 bytes
German, Greece, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian 89583 bytes
Ham Radio Packet terminal program V3.0
ptp41.lzh 129501 bytes
packet terminal pgm. from (n4py)
ptp_1278.lzh 143040 bytes
terminal program for the mfj-1278 15665 bytes
Renumbers TPK message base
rtp.lzh 181890 bytes
MS-DOS packet terminal
rtty12g.lzh 91534 bytes
RTTY pgm, Baudot & ASCII, Packet, SELCAL 92423 bytes
a Packet Terminal program 330459 bytes
SP Vers 6.11 by DL1MEN, Last FreeWare-Version 267719 bytes
SP Version 6.20 by DL1MEN. Freeware!
sp650.exe 278824 bytes
SuperPacket (Eskay Packet) v6.50 478137 bytes
SuperPacket (Eskay Packet) demo version
sp960.exe 230320 bytes
Eskay Packet Terminal program
spypkt.lzh 34095 bytes
Easedrop on a packet radio (upl R. Bodenbarger)
ssssrc.lzh 58380 bytes
Terminal program supporting WA8DED commands 151518 bytes
T4 packet radio terminal program 146860 bytes
***** No description on file *****
talktm.sit 46464 bytes
Macintosh terminal for use DX cluser software
tdv126.lzh 356591 bytes
Packet GOLD V1.26 (from coynet)
ter41.lzh 254392 bytes
Beta version of the Ultimate Communication program
term20.sit 473344 bytes
Packet comunication program for mac.
terma27.exe 105472 bytes
WB6UUT's PK-87/88/232 Host mode terminal 128268 bytes
Host mode terminal program for PK-232 40732 bytes
update to DED TNC code
tfpcx200.exe 67898 bytes
another German Baycom/KISS/WA8DED driver
ths250.lzh 121355 bytes
HB9CVV's DED and DRSI program
thsos2.lzh 123928 bytes
OS/2 PR pgm for TNC with WA8DED firmware 134125 bytes
Packet Terminal Program - LU4AEY
tnc137.lzh 230018 bytes
TNC terminal emulator 26692 bytes
Packet Radio TNC terminal program
tncterm.lzh 20132 bytes
IBM terminal program for generic tnc
tnt-07e.tgz 65296 bytes
Packet terminal for Linux 1244273 bytes
The Other Packet, a German terminal program 698220 bytes
TPK packet program 45661 bytes
Instaructions for TPK and Baycom
trty41h.lzh 124579 bytes
v 4.1 of dual port Amtor,
tsth142.arj 402998 bytes
Packet terminal program
turbopr.lzh 185755 bytes
terminal program from Germany 557674 bytes
UltraPak Packet Terminal for Windows
virtuoso.hqx 88681 bytes
v1.3, Packet for Macintosh 74525 bytes
WinGT Update patch 1.56 -> 1.56a 1332868 bytes
WinGT v1.56 Packet Terminal (German) 1236873 bytes
G4IDE's Window's Packet Terminal program 339209 bytes
Packet Terminal program for OS/2 499938 bytes
Terminal Program for PK88, PK232 and MFJ1278 492214 bytes
XPDUAL for dual port operation of PK900/DSP2232 500989 bytes
Terminal Program for KAM, KAM+, KPC3 and KPC9612 471083 bytes
Terminal Program for Paccom PTC, SCS PTC, PTCPlus 40065 bytes
Packet Radio terminal program
yappb.lzh 29025 bytes
YAPP for use with MMBIOS and FBIOS 1109802 bytes
latest from WA4APR 372203 bytes
This is a Terminal program for Kam All Modes.
tsth142.arj 402998 bytes
Packet Terminal program
winl132.exe 773005 bytes
WinLink 1.32 Packet Radio BBS / Gateway for Windows
winl132.txt 525 bytes
WinLink 1.32 Packet Radio BBS / Gateway for Windows (description) (OFFLINE)
WinPak v5.4 1329391 bytes
New WinPacket 133708 bytes
WinPak 5.4 update
tfpk27.lzh 49754 bytes
DAMA firmware for PK88/232
sp975.exe (OFFLINE)
new Eskay packet program 149738 bytes
min version of APRS 50319 bytes
Clover port for WinLink 49552 bytes
Packet port for WinLink
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