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files.lst 27 bytes
this listing
spice.lzh 137940 bytes
fortran source code for berkley spice.
spice41.txt 2435 bytes
description of spice install 736047 bytes
Berkley SPICE for Windows3.1/NT 200226 bytes
more spice 389421 bytes
more spice (circuit emulation)
spicedoc.lzh 34133 bytes
doc file for spice circuit simulator
spicev5b.zoo 197632 bytes
spice network analysis for amiga.
spicev5d.zoo 47104 bytes
docs for amiga spice.
pspice1.lzh 134737 bytes
part one of a circuit emulator (analog)
pspice1.sit 256000 bytes
part 1 for mac
pspice2.lzh 142363 bytes
part two of circuit emulator (analog)
pspice2.sit 216064 bytes
part 2 of the mac spice program.
pspice3.lzh 57212 bytes
part 3 of msdos version
almond-c.lzh 53241 bytes
a compiled version of almond for ms-dos
almond-s.lzh 50760 bytes
chris trask's uhf/microwave circuit analysis
almond.lzh 63395 bytes
Microwave ckt design tool
sp3a7-1.lzh 76881 bytes
1 of 3. uofc @ berkeley spice network analyze
sp3a7-2.lzh 111533 bytes
2 of 3. uofc @ berkeley spice network analyze
sp3a7-3.lzh 33065 bytes
3 of 3. uofc @ berkeley network analyzer.
pspicdem.lzh 4458 bytes
brief info to spice - d/l 1st & read! [1/4]
pspicman.lzh 27977 bytes
spice - electronic simulator [4/4]
tess.ins 1024 bytes
installation instructions for tess circuit
tess1.lzh 63420 bytes
network analysis
tess2.lzh 65428 bytes
part 2 of 3 of tess.
tess3.lzh 101553 bytes
part 3 of 3 of tess.
network.lbr 13312 bytes
network analysis in basic for cp/m.
network.lzh 31372 bytes
AC network analysis program
network1.lzh 31182 bytes
AC circuit analysis(compiled basic)
networks.lzh 28834 bytes
allen lapenns's 3/85 rf design basic program 1264204 bytes
Runs under DOS/Windows 3.1/Win32. CAE package port ed to 80386+ by a grad student. Requires COMBO.ZIP to run. 47197 bytes
This is the required program SPICE4.ZIP needs to r un.
spice2g6.taz 503808 bytes
spice for *nix
irsim.taz 193703 bytes
circuit analysis for *nix
acs018.tgz 309154 bytes
Al's Circuit Simulator (better than SPICE) source in C++ 222210 bytes
Al's Circuit Simulator (better than SPICE??) MSDOS executable
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