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ALSO SEE: the TCP/IP SIG Area, (I) from Main Menu the LAN category, IPX drivers for Clarkson drivers ALSO SEE: The Packet radio, UCSD Mirror file area for the *newest* in files.

files.lst 36 bytes
this listing in a file
files.lzh 6291 bytes
coordtcp.lst 4665 bytes
List of TCP-IP address coordinators
tcpipup.txt 1831 bytes
How to update the nation file automaticly
wpadom.txt 8747 bytes
western pa. domain.txt march 2, 1992
domain.all 277265 bytes
Domain format of all satations
host2dom.c 3040 bytes
convert to domain.txt
hostcvt.exe 15360 bytes
N6TTO's to domain.txt converter,
popsetup.txt 2479 bytes
How to setup the POP server under nos.
nosbgnlp.lzh 57274 bytes
Line printer version
nosbgnpr.lzh 58036 bytes
raw text version
nosbgnps.lzh 136097 bytes
Postscript version.
begguide.lzh 24814 bytes
tcp/ip begineers guide to KA9Q's NET.EXE program
begin.doc 112646 bytes
another beginners guide
sunax25.shar.z 21586 bytes
Kiss for SunOS
netsrc.cpio.z 302986 bytes
Source for unix.pc net. (version kd8wk.3a)
net.7300.z 83859 bytes
net code for the unixpc (version kd8wk.3a)
n7300.z 83859 bytes
more of above (OFFLINE)
manual 29801 bytes
executable mailer code for the unixpc
xobbs26.shar.z 67507 bytes
wa7mbl "like" bbs add on for unix net.
7300nos.cpio.z (OFFLINE)
source for NOS on the AT&T unixpc
nos-slfp.lzh 291543 bytes
Has KA9Q NET with PPP and SLFP for access to
910618ss.lzh (OFFLINE)
KA9Q NOS ver 910618. Split-Screen. Supports
nethh.exe 96777 bytes
tcp/ip with split screen
uu020711.lzh 153392 bytes
split screen g1emm/v1 107971 bytes
nroff format 270955 bytes
postscript format
ka9qnos.txt 165710 bytes
ascii text format
gpsc1doc.lzh 37639 bytes
Doc files
gpsc1exe.lzh 148748 bytes
exe files
gpsc1hlp.lzh 10132 bytes
online help files
intronos.lzh 52537 bytes
Good intro to nos by John Ackerman
wg7jdoc.lzh 44492 bytes
WG7J v.02 Doc files.
nos_1229.lzh 758124 bytes
src files v2j
dsp2d_up.lzh 24492 bytes
enhancements to gri 2d nos code.
nos_0618.exe 196535 bytes
executables V910618 1.7g
nos_0618.lzh 620862 bytes
source files V910618 1.7g
ltalk.lzh 12081 bytes
Patches for nos_0618 to add localtalk drivers
nosltalk.exe 181084 bytes
nos with localtalk drivers compiled in.
lwpnos.tar.z 32383 bytes
Files for the Sun-4 The files will
tundrvr.tar.z 32784 bytes
Required on SUN NOS, permits NOS
netnix.tar.z 252077 bytes
Version of NOS that takes advantage 157505 bytes
Nos doc files, orginally
920528.tar.z (OFFLINE)
May 92 wamps for isc.
pop2d_isc.c.z 6812 bytes
Pop code for ISC unix.
pop2isc.tar.z 62451 bytes
Pop code for ISC unix.
kh113016.lzh 551572 bytes
g1emmkit.lzh 198648 bytes
additional files
ka9q_doc.lzh 108877 bytes
DOCs and info
ka9q_src.lzh 168353 bytes
Source, lots of it
ka9q_st.lzh 108547 bytes
Runable file
bmsrc.sit.hqx 112384 bytes
BM src for the mac
macbm.sit.hqx 81536 bytes
BM execuatable
macnet.sit.hqx 249856 bytes
net for the mac
macsrc.sit.hqx 618880 bytes
net src for the mac
netcom.lzh 4866 bytes
needed when using TNC2 emulator under DoubleDOS
net1001.lzh 328338 bytes
sources to above
penetdoc.lzh 52189 bytes
doc for atari nos/net
kit920330.lha 264879 bytes
My NOS for the Amiga incl. WAMPES
sr920330.lha 407824 bytes
sources for amiganos 920330
anos29.lha 160517 bytes
Amiga nos v2.9
asrc29.lha 385143 bytes
Amiga source v2.9
akit28s.lha 132335 bytes
misc suppot for v2.8s
amiganos27.lzh 359889 bytes
Executable files.
amigakit27.lzh 365178 bytes
Latest amiga nos source
amiganos.zoo 594634 bytes
nos executable for the amiga, Version 900214
net_amig.lzh 79331 bytes
amiga.lzh net Binary file (.uu format)
amiga.lzh 32893 bytes
Diffs of .31 load to compile for amiga version
net.exe 189640 bytes
asmobj.lzh 5726 bytes
drsinet.exe 318202 bytes
TCP/IP for the DRSI board, self extracting
drsi1127.lzh 13061 bytes
Source code for DRSI driver.
nos18b.lzh 352209 bytes
PA0GRI NOS - version 1.8b
os2pmail.lzh 33386 bytes
BM replacement mailer for OS/2
wnos4doc.lzh 156760 bytes
Doc file for wn4*( upl Paul Kahlert)
wnos_4a1.lzh 177400 bytes
WNOS for dos
wg7jdoc.lzh 44492 bytes
original jnos docs
cnbdoc.lzh 113697 bytes
Doc files for iw0cnb NOS
cnb0219.lzh 216243 bytes
iw0cnb version of NOS, plug/n/play
cnb0219s.lzh 655571 bytes
iw0cnb version of NOS, source
pclana.lzh 10438 bytes
PCLANA card drivers.
view0507.exe 51829 bytes
Tcp/ip mailer
maildoc3.doc 23286 bytes
How to use the nos mailbox features.
minihrl.lzh 192671 bytes
Mini version of pa3eug nos, no netrom.
grac1229.lzh 156142 bytes
Gracilis nos
grac_dvr.lzh 72670 bytes
Driver code
grac_nos.lzh 635164 bytes
Gracilis nos
grac1229.exe 338318 bytes
Gracilis nos V 1229 exe
grac_nos.lzh 635164 bytes
Gracilis nos src
rose-nos.lzh 16875 bytes
Patches to nos for use with rose switch
noss0828.lzh 527340 bytes
more nos src
was0206.lzh 588564 bytes
even more nos src
unixkit.tar.z 114103 bytes
Unix notes and tips for porting nos to unix
mswinnos.lzh 3682 bytes
How to run ka9q/gri net under Windows.
pi_dvr2.lzh 65019 bytes
Clarkson packet driver for Ottawa PI board
pc100.txt 7165 bytes
Using the PacComm PC-100 boards with NOS
noshp95.lzh 151789 bytes
Nos for your hp95 calculator..
ppp.lzh 126848 bytes
nos with ppp support
gracilis.lzh 238246 bytes
net for the gracilis card.
nrman.lzh 7066 bytes
Netrom manual for net 33.4.1/2
bmdoc.lzh 5313 bytes
Doc file for bm
bm_src.lzh 27451 bytes
Bdale mailer source code Dayton 1989
wnos.lzh 263985 bytes
wnos with doc and help files
net_pc.lzh 114522 bytes
Binaries Dayton 1989 version.
net_src.lzh 342629 bytes
Source for net Dayton 1989
nos_kit.lzh 637935 bytes
Plug-n-play nos kit... auto install
nosvw137.lzh 437786 bytes
NOSview/G3NRW Online nos =>GREAT<= docs
expiry.lzh 49782 bytes
Expire nntp(nos) news articles
pi920329.lzh 14016 bytes
Ottowa PI drivers C code.
pi_dvr3.lzh 65236 bytes
Ottowa PI drivers Assembler code.
pi.lzh 11349 bytes
Source code for drivers for the Ottowa PI Card
nn901027.lzh 47947 bytes
NNTP Server for NOS.EXE (upl Terry Bell)
pcelm301.lzh 65723 bytes
elm, Mailer program for ka9q, BM replacement
tlog.exe 10368 bytes
Lists last 25 lines of NET.LOG
bmexe.lzh 29801 bytes
.exe files bm mailer (new july 90)
bmsrc.lzh 28501 bytes
source files bm mailer (new july 90)
svnet33.4.cp.z 244475 bytes
system V net, cpio/compressed
net_bm.lzh 30592 bytes
bdale mailer for pc
net_doc.lzh 114198 bytes
tcp/ip doc files (old version)
popserv.lzh 28852 bytes
POPserver patches to net. RFC 937
a802.txt.z 16203 bytes
protocol for providing the Data Link Layer
kiss.doc 7750 bytes
Proposed "Raw" TNC Functional Spec
smtp.doc 4731 bytes
Installing SMTP Functionality in net.
bmdist.lzh 53094 bytes
Version 3.3.1 of the BM Mailer
tcproot.txt 1606 bytes
How to store TCP/IP files below the root
bmsrc_st.lzh 17480 bytes
Atari-ST sources for the BM Mailer
tnc_ldr.lzh 12143 bytes
Bootstrap loader for TNC-2's
tnc_tnc1.lzh 38426 bytes
Archive of TNC-1 KISS code
tnc_tnc2.lzh 36506 bytes
Archive of TNC-2 KISS code

Other files....

ax25dvr.lzh 23108 bytes
NOS driver for PMP/BAYCOM (was #1ax25.lzh)
begguide.lzh 24814 bytes
beginner's guide
begin.lzh 39225 bytes
more beginner's docs
bm.lzh 29801 bytes
Bdale's mailer
bmexe332.lzh 29801 bytes
electronic mail program for ka9q tcp/ip
doc_0618.lzh 67293 bytes
docs for nos_0618
elm21.lzh 26935 bytes
PCelm mailer v2.1
finger.lzh 119438 bytes
finger source and info
ka9q.shar.z 425273 bytes
tcp/ip for Unix
ka9qbgn.lzh 186408 bytes
TCP/IP package
man_9106.lzh 55271 bytes
nan24hyc.lzh 40453 bytes
enhanced ansi.sys replacement for ka9q tcp/ip
net.cpio.z 303121 bytes
Unix NET
net-unix.cp.z 428032 bytes
W2XO's TCP/IP NOS for Unix
net_0618.lzh 176536 bytes
ka9q tcp/ip, nos 910618 version, executable
netpack.lzh 276164 bytes
net 871225.33- packet radio networking pkg.
netunix.zoo 314016 bytes
NET for Unix 3b1 and Sys V
nntp4nos.lzh 22833 bytes
nntp for ka9q tcp/ip (nos vers). c source only
nos_add.lzh 3788 bytes
config files for NOS
nos_help.lzh 8867 bytes
help files for NOS's BBS
nos_slfp.lzh 291543 bytes
nos vers. of ka9q with merit slfp/ppp support
pa0griss.lzh 918169 bytes
nos with KB7YW mods
packtwin.lzh 191402 bytes
nos for PacketTwin
pcelm30.lzh 62852 bytes
mail user agent for ka9q nos, uupc or waffle
pe1chl-2.lzh 620386 bytes
but a lot of good info and helpful tips etc
popserve.lzh 28852 bytes
POP server
s_nos618.exe 161619 bytes
same as above but zkd compile 110391.001
scc.lzh 7069 bytes
info on SCC's from PE1CHL
slfp123.lzh 28771 bytes
slfp driver for use w/ka9q and merit dial-up
smtpinf.lzh 8156 bytes
***** No description on file *****
src_0618.lzh 572041 bytes
ka9q tcp/ip, nos 910618 version, source code
tcp-ip.lzh 19918 bytes
info on tcp/ip
tcp_ip.lzh 159249 bytes
amateur radio packet program
twin-nos.lzh 185119 bytes
a split/screen color NOS
unix.pkt 44160 bytes
info about running packet on Unix
userref.lzh 42623 bytes
***** No description on file *****
view0630.lzh 365563 bytes
electronic mail program for use w/ka9q tcp/ip
wnos.exe 168431 bytes
.exe for above
wnsrc2b.lzh 488927 bytes
source for Windowed Source

New files since 8/12/92

usenet.txt 52833 bytes
Notes on Using USENET
scc.lzh 7069 bytes
info on using scc cards with TCP/IP nos
ax920506.lzh 23430 bytes
NOS / Baycom driver
tcpipfaq.lzh 8107 bytes
Frequently asked questions (faq's) about tcp/ip
ax25drv.lzh 27502 bytes
NOS/Baycom driver, August release
nos_1229.lzh 758124 bytes
PA0GRI 2.0m TCP/IP source code
nosbug 2989 bytes
bugs on some versions of KA9Q NOS
softkiss.hqx 92910 bytes
NOS/Baycom driver for Mac
pcelm301.lzh 65723 bytes
pcelm mailer for TCP/IP with editor/printer suppor
k5jbnet.taz 321785 bytes
TCP/IP nos for sco/isd Unix
k5jbdoc.taz 152049 bytes
docs for above
k5jbbm.taz 39521 bytes
bm for Unix
macnet22.sit 334208 bytes
net for Macintosh
wg7jdoc.lzh 44492 bytes
docs for wg7j nos
intronos.toc 2130 bytes
Table of Contents, TCP/IP INTRONOS.TXT file
domain.lzh 79077 bytes
master domain.txt for the TCP/IP world
unixkit.taz 114103 bytes
more Unix KA9Q
unixnet.zoo 502462 bytes
n6xjj net for Unix
s930104.lzh 590331 bytes
latest source from Phil 509367 bytes
for jnos106, but useful info for any NOS
faq-1192 78080 bytes
Frequently asked questions about TCP/IP
ipgate.lzh 37480 bytes
how to setup Internet gateway to Hamradio
softkiss.src 297146 bytes
softkiss.src.1.6.sit for the Mac.
wnos-usr.lzh 152078 bytes
WNOS executable - user compile
wnos4a9p.arj 161673 bytes
wnos exe file
wnos_tc.lzh 13370 bytes
Configuration patches for wn4a9.arj to compile
wnosfkey.lzh 16073 bytes
WNOS4a9 with fkey() added - source code
wnospop3.lzh 171566 bytes
Source and executable of mods to WNOS.4A9 to use
anos29k.lha 196742 bytes
KA9Q TCP/IP for Amiga 34521 bytes
Usenet add-on for jnos and wnos
net2329sea.hqx 300481 bytes
newest Mac nos 484374 bytes listing from 11/2/93 126992 bytes
unbundled mailer for NOS (like Unix's MH) 44924 bytes
hack of nnansi that runs as a VT102 emulation
mac(57).sit 135296 bytes
TCP/IP for Macintosh Version 57 of NET-MAC
macbm21.sit 51466 bytes
BM2.1D3 (N1EWB) for Macintosh; goes with
macnet21.sit 172581 bytes
NET2.1D3 /N1EWB beta) for Macintosh; goes
macunzip.sit 44800 bytes
Unzip for Mac
popmail.sit 405348 bytes
POP fpr Mac from U.Minn., no AX.25; use
view0706.exe 55801 bytes
EXE only of newest IP "view" mailer
wampes9413.tgz 496286 bytes
TCP/IP (radio) for Unix 940103
wam940121.tgz 768591 bytes
newest wampes for Unix
gw4ptsax25.tgz 268978 bytes
ax25 add-on Linux
jnosword.gz 239032 bytes
JNOS docs in MS Word (gzip'd)
k5jbk34.tgz 434891 bytes
KA9Q variant for Unix
mac10b27x.sqx 195489 bytes
ON1XK ka9q for mac (sea.hqx)
net9309.lzh 263214 bytes
ka9q net for OS/9
netenv.sea.hqx 865170 bytes
src for above 215109 bytes
IP mailer (1994 release)
rhinos93.zoo 755499 bytes
Amiga KA9Q 66665 bytes
rip-2 ready to drop into JNOS (OFFLINE)
source to the long awaited TNOS KA9Q variant 708828 bytes
jnos 110 for Data Engine 298435 bytes
Latest AMPR.ORG domain from UCSD.EDU 37107 bytes
Internet Door for KA9Q NOS 40622 bytes
WINSock/jn110c POP3 interface 243979 bytes
NOS for OS/2 FINAL (char mode) 34503 bytes
Bdale's IP mailer
wnos5src.arj 506640 bytes
from late in 1993 (5 may be unofficial) 600597 bytes
not known if official WNOS KA9Q 72364 bytes
help for commands from jnos> prompt
ampr.orz 190435 bytes
AmprNet domain.txt as of 10/11 (gzip'd) 168536 bytes
JNOS Hypertext help system 435420 bytes
p/o newest Packet Driver collection inc: PLIP
j109lxa4.tgz 639267 bytes
JNOS 1.09A4 for Linux. Requires ncurses. 84594 bytes
JNOS command help files for JNOS 1.10H
imac10b28e.hqx 216283 bytes
ka9q nos for mac
k5jbk35.tgz 155932 bytes
tcp/ip nos & bm for Unix update
ka9q9501.gz 267948 bytes
ka9q/k5jb NOS for OS9/68000 290187 bytes
v 1.2 of the OS/2 nos program 73787 bytes
ham TCP/IP tool (very helpful) 123217 bytes
n8wei mods to jnos110h
conv-ss3.tgz 35902 bytes
Unix/Linux convers server and split-screen tty client, and a NOS-compatible callbook client. 1637 bytes
Bug Patches for JNOS110I 335595 bytes
OS/2 support for PI/PI2 card for JNOS 390141 bytes
updates JNOS110j to 110k (source code)
netmac2353.hqx 397123 bytes
TCP/IP for the Mac 55997 bytes
Winsock compliant packet driver. 1244778 bytes
source for TNOS (ka9q) tcp/ip
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