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tnet-x1f.lzh 126858 bytes
TheNet X-1F Alpha test version from England. 120320 bytes
tnet-x1h.lzh 118067 bytes
newest X1H version 19328 bytes
arp patch for TheNET X1H
x1j.exe 218857 bytes
Thenet x1j, official release version. 251301 bytes
source for X1J4 TheNet 422132 bytes
X1J4 for PK-96's 426461 bytes
X1J4 for Tiny-2's
x1jdev.exe 116275 bytes
Deviation meter add-on for x1j release version. 145519 bytes
docs only for X1J 289201 bytes
Utility to help you configure your x1j nodes Displays the mode and parm values in plain english also allows you to upload new settings. Requires windows v3.1
thenet-d.lzh 18142 bytes
early TheNET docs 397216 bytes
latest X1J release 2
tn116.lzh 93583 bytes
TheNET source code
tn208b.exe 120489 bytes
thenet plus 2.08b with node manual
tn210.lzh 146816 bytes
official release with new features 249000 bytes
TheNet 2.11, for the more adventurous node-op!
netrom.lzh 35105 bytes
docs for netrom packet level 3
nordlink.lzh 177869 bytes
nordlink software (packet level 4)
nordoc.lzh 3766 bytes
nordlink documentation
This area bytes
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